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    Hyderabad gets free drinking water, do you ?

    The TRS government has given the free largess of 20 thousand liters of drinking water free for every water meter installed at the homes and even the Cantonment areas were also included in this scheme. That means either too who were paying rupees 242.00 per month as the drinking water charges is now made free. I think this was made possible thanks to huge effort of the TRS govt to integrate and bring flowing water source to the twin cities and thus we are given this big relief. How much are you paying in your city or town for the potable drinking water ? What is your opinion on this matter ?
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    Earlier even in Hyderabad also we were paying water charges. But during the last GHMC elections, TRS promised free water to all the people of Hyderabad. After the elections, this was introduced. Free water will be given to only connections where a water metre is installed. In our colony, we are all having water metres. So as of now, we are getting free water. Once the limit is over we may have to pay. Paying Rs.250/- per month is not a gib issue. The government can collect that and see that the water supply will be there on all the days instead of alternative days, I will be happier. I think this scheme is only for Hyderabad but not for other districts in Telangana. TRS government may announce this free water system to all other districts also when some elections are scheduled.
    TRS is slowly losing its ground in Telangana. The family rule is coming on to discussion in many areas. So we have to wait and see what may happen in the next assembly elections.

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    I had stayed in different places during my service period and the water charges were in the range of of rupees 1600 to rupees 2400 per year.
    In many states the state Govt are going for no water or no electricity charges and that would definitely help the consumers but there is no end to these freebies because then people will ask to waive off the house tax and even income tax or even GST. So by doing this state Govt are only opening the pandora box.
    Many people will start consuming more water and electricity by these new legislations and the national resources would get wasted.
    Strictly speaking nothing should be free in this world and let people work hard to get their bread and butter.

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