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    Contemplating too much and living too less

    Right through the day and always, we contemplate many things and wants to create a space for ourselves but in that process we think too much and implement very less or nothing. Contemplation is the way of thinking new and new thoughts which keep on emanating from our minds. We also jot it down in our diary to implement the same in future. Unfortunately due to constraints and over thinking from our side, some thoughts are never made into reality and thus remains in the mind and the notes. Not that we are averse to changes, but we are being pushed back to same living, thanks to others interference.

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    It is really appreciated for the author that every time he presents his thread first in the topic-based thread. Also, the topic of this time is also very interesting, life is not only about thinking but what is present, what should be about. Often people remain in a contemplative state, even when they are enjoying a moment, they still have other thoughts going on in their mind. The day a person learns to live in the present, perhaps half of his stress will be reduced. But this does not mean that we should stop planning for the future, making plans, implementing them, etc. is also important in its place, but it is also necessary to be aware and live the present. One of the best ways to save yourself from overthinking is to keep yourself more and more busy in such things that the thoughts that do not come into your mind, such as reading, are a good medium to keep yourself aware. There are other methods that can prove to be helpful.

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    Contemplating is not enough, we have to make it happen. A poor man thought of doing a business. He purchased buttermilk and wanted to sell it near the railway station so that he will get a good profit. He started walking towards the station and started thinking about the future of his business. He contemplated good profits that will increase day by day and finally he will become a big businessman with many servants. While he is in his thoughts he has forgotten about the buttermilk container in his hands and dropped it. The total buttermilk got wasted and he is back to his normal position.
    Contemplating too much and not making the thoughts real is of no use. Thoughts are good. But we can't leave the ground and fight. We should always see that we are on the ground so that we will be safe. A real successful will always balance his contemplations and achievements so that his thoughts will never go to waste.

    always confident

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    An interesting post raised by the author. If we do not convert our thoughts into actions than contemplating and conjecturing are almost same things. It is like seeing dreams and then after getting up just forget them.
    Action and activities are the main and crucial factors in our lives and the whole outcome depends on them only. Thinking process is only to consider the pros and cons of the situation and it is obvious that without proper thinking and home work we cannot proceed ahead. Unfortunately, there are many people who think a lot but when it comes to taking actions then they are not able to take up the actions commensurate with their thinking power. Such things are not desirable in our lives but sometimes it happens like that and we have to just go through such unfavourable phases in our lives.

    Knowledge is power.

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