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    Can Digital Marketing replace a normal method of marketing?

    Digital marketing is a word that has become associated with almost every business today and in the coming businesses, it is becoming an essential tool in which the brand is promoted through content, social media, etc., and attracts more and more customers. Various strategies are being made to attract them. In such a situation, what is the possibility that the regular method of marketing will be replaced by digital marketing? Although we have found in many areas where old trends are being replaced by new trends, what are your views regarding digital marketing?
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    Though the digital marketing has become the sought after tool at the present juncture, it cannot replace the normal method of marketing and there are vast difference. While the digital media promotions are made through social media and other communicating ways. there cannot be personal touch or explanation about the product or services. When it comes to concept selling and needing more explanation, the normal method of marketing can only bring the results and one need to convince others through facts and figures and people would believe on seeing the things in hand. Digital marketing is useful for the regular products to which we are already using and the new one can be tried for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the new product. But that kind of risk cannot be taken in the normal method of marketing.
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    Digital marketing has already replaced the traditional marketing in a big way and the future of marketing techniques is only in digital marketing. Many people have stopped reading newspaper and many others have stopped reading the posters and billboards which are erected on the sides of the roads and highways. There has been a paradigm shift in the arena of marketing and it is going to stay. When everyone is moving with a smart device in one hand and a laptop in the backpack then what else can be better than digital marketing.
    I have interest in world games because they help in improving our spellings and vocabulary. I was playing such a game and then as it was a free version some ads started to pop up from time to time. One of those ads showed a word game which appeared very interesting and I downloaded that and started to use that in place of the existing. So that is one example how powerful digital marketing is.

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    Replacing traditional marketing completly with digital marketing is not possible. Normal marketing will continue but there may be an increase in the digital marketing share.
    Oneway COVID helped online businesses. People are forced to be in the houses and that made many of us switch over to online marketing. As we are doing the same thing for the last 2 years, we are getting habituated to that. But in such bad times also people used to go out and purchase from shops as per the relaxations given by the government. Such people are more in rural areas.
    Certain requirements are to be purchased from normal markets only. If we want a shirt, it is better if we go to a shop to see various items and even try them and then decide on the item we want to purchase. Even though the return policy is there, selecting good clothes online is very difficult and we may not have the chance of seeing many varieties and suitability of size is also not easy to decide on line.

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