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    If you are made the PM of this country then what will be your priorities?

    We all say that government should do like this and government should do like that. We expect that government should bring employment, eradicate discrimination, remove corruption, create infrastructure, and many things like that.
    Suppose you are made the PM of this country then what are the areas which you will take up on priority and what are the rules and regulation which you will like to change and what are other measures which you would be taking for development of country so that we can progress and flourish ahead?
    Please give your ideas for betterment of the nation that we all wish for.
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    If I were made the PM of this country, a sweeping change is emanating in my mind and that would be implemented for sure. That all the present state govt and central govt employees would be asked to resign forth with and they would be given the pension for sure. And one person from each house would be trained and given the job in the govt sector as far as possible. Presently each govt employee is earning good salary and in fact two persons can be accommodated with that salary for sure. This way the unemployment problem can be solved. Then I would order one day survey across the country to identify the real poor people and for them monthly income and ration would be allotted directly without any middlemen. If these two issues are addressed, the country people would be happy and decent living guaranteed.
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    It is true that salaries are quite high in Govt sector. These are to be reviewed to accommodate more people.
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    There are many issues that are to be addressed and corrected.
    Corruption is one thing that is spoiling the entire nation. As a first measure, I will bring in a new rule saying that people who are having criminal cases against them should not be allowed to contest in any elections. Even the people who ate on bail should also not be allowed. This will be made implemented,
    I say, there are no salaries and pensions to the elected MPs, MLAs and others. They have to take up this as their service to the nation and maybe be given some allowances when they are in that position. This will also be implemented.
    I will stop all reservations in schools, colleges and jobs. Financially backwards people may be given some financial help for their education. Free hostel, books and other allowances will be given to the poor students who secured their seats in higher classes.

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    If I were made PM, I would see that at least one member in each family gets his job according to one's qualification and experience. The job of workers presently employed in the central and state governments would you be reviewed to see that how far they useful in the present environment and any adverse report against an employee would can result in his suspension without fail from the service. Each employee would be given an opportunity to write down what best should be the priority to step up production and to what extent he himself follows this strategy. Their salary, perks, bonus would be reviewed and would be slashed as per recommendation of the the administrative machinery. There are lot of difference between the wage structure from the top level to the bottom one and the same is to be rationalised. With respect to demands of the farmers, they would be heard and solution to improve their condition would be our topmost strategy.

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    So far the main points emerging out of this thread are solving the problem of unemployment and eradication of corruption.
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