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    Are Sundays becoming stressful?

    Sunday is the day given as paid holiday to the salaried group. It is the day when this salaried group is supposed to get himself/herself refreshed and rejuvenated so that he can work properly in the week ahead.
    However, slowly without our approval, the work stress has creaped into our Sundays. This is so more due to the economic setback post 1st phase of covid. Now, we see the Sundays as the day to complete the unfinished tasks of the week just over. Piles of pending officework intrude the peaceful home atmosphere on Sundays so that more piles of office work can be done the next week. The time for the family gets shortened and so is the relaxation. This would definitely result in more stress and more health issues. Meditation and other ways have been taken as few ways to reduce the stress. Still, we cannot ignore the fact that Sundays have also become as stressful as other days.
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    While Sundays has been earmarked as the day to spend with family totally, that perception has been changed in the recent past.
    S- Summing up the pending works of previous week has been the task being implemented by many.
    U-Ushering the new way of life for the next week is contemplated, but unfortunately wont take off.
    N-Need based visits to other places are planned, then withdrawn due to paucity of time.
    D-Deny entry for others to visit us, then repenting for not having met them ?
    A-Arranging the things at home in order was planned, but children would not cooperate and keep on sleeping ?
    Y- Yearning to do new thing, but body would not permit and then recline to take rest.

    This way every Sunday goes off, non productive, nothing achieved, just wasted time but being with family a great bonding.

    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sunday is a holiday which is meant to be spent with family members. Some people spend the day by going out,watching movies,having lunch and dinner together,go shopping at malls and do otheractivities together. However,due to restrictions laid by the government to check spreading of Covid-19 Sundays have become a nightmare for the family as they are forbidden to move out of the house without proper precautions. Therefore,some families remain indoors to avoid taking risk. For the mother especially,the children increase the anxiety as during online classes making them attend has become a big task.The male member of the family is also not spared because he has to attend his job as well as help with the house hold chores. Thus,everyone is waiting eagerly for the dreaded Covid-19 to say goodbye for ever from the universe.

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    The day work from home started, the concept of Sunday has gone. Even on a Sunday in the night at 8 PM also I have seen people receiving calls from their colleagues asking these employees also to come online to discuss and the discussion may go for 2 or even 3 hours. Really the employees are getting stressed to the maximum extent possible. Further stress may cause burst out. Such is the situation.
    Even in the manufacturing sector, we see 24 X 7 work and no holiday is being given to the employees as they have to compensate for the lost turnover due to COVID.
    The guys who are working from home are getting charged from both sides. On working days there will be urgent demands from the family which they have to attend and address. On holidays there will be urgent demands from the office which are to be attended to and addressed by them.

    always confident

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    Sunday is not stressful for everyone. It is only stressful for those employees who are working in a private enterprise and are in slightly better positions and they are answerable to management quickly and efficiently whether it is a normal day or Sunday.
    In Govt departments or even the public sector undertakings people are enjoying Sunday as usual. There may be some occasional emergency on some Sundays but mostly Sunday is a free day for them.
    In private organisations also there are some areas where weekly holiday or weekly off is available to the employees as a free day. For example in manufacturing and factory environment there is one or two off days always available to the employees.
    So some people working in areas like IT industry or like that might have to work online even on Sundays. Low paid or lower level staff are enjoying weekly holidays regularly.

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