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    Character assassination is dangerous

    Character assassination is an attempt to defame a person through damage to his or her personal character. This is a tactic used by some people to harm an individual for spite or personal gain. This can happen anywhere even in the school or in national elections. One leader tries to defame another leader by making allegations. Sometimes character assassination may result in legal disputes also.

    This character assassination is associated generally with political leaders and public figures. Sometimes these attempts will cause severe mental strain to the other side. There are instances where some people committed suicide as a result of such activities. It is not good to talk about someone without knowing the complete facts. In my opinion character assassination is worse than physically assassinating another person. Please share your views.
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    This is really a very perturbing matter that some people are making personal comments on each other and if they are the people on high and influential positions then the whole social media and the country joins in that alleging them more and more. It is a trend in bad taste and it is happening in our country especially at election times. This is a chain reaction where everything is possible right from personal attacks to abusing and if someone goes to court against it then court takes its own course and the issue gets lost between the lawyers who interpret it in their own ways.
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    Yes and maybe that's why it's used as a tactic to demoralise people. At times, during the elections we find politicians indulge in this type of dangerous tactic when they are unable to find any fault in the candidate contesting the election. The hunger for power is so much that they can stoop to any level to prove the other contestant is inferior. It may work for the time being but when the truth is out it backfires. This is a form of a baseless allegation and is more dangerous because it deals with personal traits. You may allege without knowing that a person has done wrong but if you forcefully say that the person is corrupt then it is damaging to the reputation of the person who is clean. This is not desirable in any way and must be avoided.

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    History has the record that those who have undergone character assassination from the opponents have become famous and most liked because they earned the sympathy out of such bad traits from others. When Congress was abusing the then CM NTR for nothing, he stood firm and won the elections hands down which sent shock waves across the country. Even PM Modi is being criticized in social media day in day out, and he has been becoming stronger and more sought after. The people who abuse a person through character assassination thinks that they are paving way for his exit from the politics, but that turns out to be blessing in disguise as the demeaned person often gets elected much to the chargin of the opponents. One thing sure the voters are the real judges and they know whom to vote.
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    Only people who are afraid of somebody wants to spoil the reputation of those who are popular by pointing defaming them and talking badly about their characters. some relationship between has been badly damaged because this. Celebrities are the primal targets for character assassination and are very careful even when they go out with their friends lest their image would be tarnished . However, if one is true he or she does not have to bother and do as per their wish .

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    Yes, It is not right to attack with personal character in any way.
    When the argument of attacking the opponent is lost, then the arrow of such words comes. And especially in the political field, its spread and use are increasing day by day. Even so, telling such is still become a fashion to get the sympathy of the average person. The consequences of this can be devastating. The people of politics are to be followed by many others At least that's what a section of the public thinks On the other hand, a clear image is a big factor in succeeding in politics. That is why most politicians do not want to be involved publicly in any personal affair. And this opportunity is being used by others to take advantage of it. I agree with the author.

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