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    KCR wants to tie up with Left parties to get rid of BJP

    KCR has become more uneasy with BJP as the party with no recognition in Telangana has been growing silently and proving to be the main contender for his seat and therefore wants to take plunge into National level to stop surging of BJP in the state and from growing at national level as he has now wanted to take Left parties help to get rid of BJP winning spree. For KCR the Congress party is nothing and other parties are not towing his ideas and therefore heavily harping on the left parties. But so far left parties have no command or courage to oppose BJP in their own states and KCR overtures may flop ?
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    Shrewd politicians will always search new political equations to win in the election and that is a common strategy that many experienced politicians adopt from time to time to emerge as a winner in the political arena. KCR is also an experienced politician and it is imperative that he would search avenues to come in the limelight in his home turf. BJP is quite successful at the national level as the biggest emerging party but at state level it has to face tough challenge from the local politicians who are not only ambitious but can manipulate the things harming BJP to quite a good extent. Today BJP has a big challenge to compete in the various states. There are many people in the states who want to vote for BJP but when the issue of good candidate versus not so good candidate comes in picture then many times the non BJP candidate gets the advantage. KCR will definitely choose that path for him whether the other non BJP parties support him or not. Anyway, this is only an analysis and the end result would be known only after the elections.
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    The left parties know very well the mentality of KCR. How he deceived Congress even a high school student knows. He told that he will merge his party in Congress if separate statehood is given to Telangana. Sonia Gandhi believed and she expected full support from Telangana to her party. But after the separation of the states, KCR changed his voice and never stood up to his words. So left parties will never believe him. KCR is loyal to MIM only as he knows their strength in Hyderabad.
    In any way, even in his own state KCR is losing his ground as many of his supporters came to know his selfish mentality and many people who fought for the State are sidelined. So they are all getting united and many of them are seeing at BJP. So chances of BJP winning are increasing in the State. But if KCR thinks of going to the Centre, it is sure he will be a failure both in the centre as well as in the state.

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    By the way left parties presence nationwide is not progressive and how he is harping on that ?
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