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    If we have clarity regarding our objectives, frustration would not be there on failures

    When we undertake a project or job or task or any activity which has some objective in our lives then it is imperative that we should be very clear about it. The objective should be known in its entirety and not in an approximate form. If I am preparing for IAS then I should know what was the last year cut off score of the people who got selected and if I think or have confidence that I can get that score easily then I have to work hard and attain that. If I am not able to achieve that then I know that it is below the selection level and I do not get frustrated as I understand the situation very clearly. So, it is necessary for us to know the pros and cons of our activities and their link to the final results and their match with our objectives. What are your thoughts on this? Please share your views.
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    What the author said is right. When my daughter attempted the MBBS dream, there was clear cut objectives drawn before her that to get the govt seat she must score the all India rank of 1800 or below. When she was appearing in as many as 252 tests conducted in the intermediate for the NEET preparations, she was almost achieving below the 2000 ranks on All India and that created the confidence within her and we also encouraged. When she actually wrote the exam and scored with state rank of 1672, we are sure that she is going to get the seat and luckily she got in the ESIC medical college. Those who attempted long term courses and even tried for two or three times in the past three years are not able to crack the exams this way as the objectives and performance below expectations and frustration taken front seat.
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    The destination should be known before we start our journey. We should also know what time we should reach there? When we know where to go and when we should be there, we can plan our journey in such a way we will be there within that time. Without knowing the goal what is the use of starting a job,
    We should understand what is expected from us when we were asked to do a job in our office. We should understand the subject well if necessary make a discussion with colleagues and the boss and have a clear idea of the deliverables. Then only you can start working in the right direction. What are the supports required also should be known to us and we should see that they will be available with is when they are needed.
    A proper understanding of our objective can only make us plan properly. A proper plan only will lead us to success. As a matter of fact preparation what we do before attempting the work will have a very good impact on the outcome.

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    Clarity of objectives makes life easy and less strenuous. If we know the expected results we would not be feeling sorry about that.
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