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    Why people of marriageable age are marrying late? Are they waiting to settle down financially?

    Nowadays, people get married late when they are in their late thirties. This is because they want to earn well after getting the desired qualification. However, for women it is going to create problems because doctors advise that for having healthy children and risk-less pregnancy, it is advisable to give birth before thirty. As technology has developed, there are many new inventions such as freezing the eggs and surrogacy. This has encouraged them to opt for late marriage.
    Further, when men and women get married at a later age, they become mature and have good understanding with each other so that they can avoid divorce. Do you think this trend should be welcomed?
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    There are many reasons behind the late marriages in todays environment. Boys or girls everyone wants to settle in career before going for marriage. So marriage is the last perority for the young people today.
    Another point is that whether it is the boy or the girl they take time in selecting the partner because everyone has some expectations from other. The expectations may come true or not but they will like to check those points before the marriage.
    I have seen some cases of love marriage where the boy or girl waited for the other for 6-7 years till the education of other person was completed and he or she settled in a job.

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    After reading this post my thoughts are going towards my own brother who is now 54 years and unmarried. At the time when the alliances were pouring in he was selective and keeping on rejecting the brides for one reason or the other and as the age goes by people started declining his alliance and now he is fuming for what he had done wrong. Marriage need to be done at the right age and one should be open to all sorts of adjustments. Some have lots of expectations and surely not everything can be achieved. Especially when the girl age is running out there cannot be selective options to have groom of her likes. Not that one has to accept inferior alliance, but when some comparative studies done, one should able to gauge which is best among the available alliances on the hand. And deciding factor also important otherwise, good alliances may slip also.
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    Late marriages are common these days. The main reason for this is financial stability. In the olden days, marriages were performed very early and there is no financial planning for them. They used to manage with whatever they got. But now things are different. All want to have a happy and luxurious life. So they want to have their own house and all domestic appliances required for the family and some reserve money for other needs. After acquiring these only they want to go for a marriage. But somehow it is not very good. The couple should see that their children will settle in their lives by the time they retire from their jobs. So one should think of marriage around 25 years and have one or two children before their 32nd or 33rd year so that their children education and marriages will be over before they attain their 60th year.
    When we marry early only we can adjust easily with our partner and we will have a peaceful and happy life. As we grow big, our thoughts may be different and we may not be able to adjust or we may not be able to amend. That is a very big problem.

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    With the progress of time, we can see that there are a lot of aspirants avoiding the early marriages for the various reasons. Especially for the doctors or the research scholars, it is not uncommon. Obviously they remain much more interested for the stabilisation of their careers and this will take at least a couple of years until they are over forty five. In that situation even their partners if selected by them might be more or less of the same age and even their temperaments are known to each other. This could be their best choices in many ways except some legal complications coming in the ways in respect of parenthood's. However, there are alternative routes to escape such complications. Surrogacy might be one of the options to avoid the parental issues. However, we should also note that the energy and stamina of the couples would decline with time and I am afraid the late marriage might exhaust the couples with their participation's with their own kids.

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