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    Don't be afraid, to tell the truth

    If you hide the truth, its effect will fall on you, and how long will you keep the truth hidden? At one-time people were afraid to tell a lie thinking it would be a sin, and today they are afraid, to tell the truth thinking it could be dangerous. That is why people are resorting to lies for their temporary relief. I will say the truth is true at all times so go on the path of truth, tell the truth it will be good for you and everyone in society. But don't be afraid because it is your responsibility to keep the truth awake.
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    A good thought by the author in this post. Truth is to be mentioned and if we hide it then it would come out from other channel. There are some points which are to be discussed in this context. First is that many times telling truth would bring harm to the person who is revealing it. So, in such case what to do? Other aspect is that sometimes not telling truth can help a person who is in dire need of help in ones life. So, it becomes a situational matter whether speak the truth or tell a lie. Some people go a bit ahead in these matters and use cryptic languages to avoid blame for telling lies and speak something which has many meanings and then when the result comes they will explain it nicely and correspond it to their statements cryptically made earlier.
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    If we tell the truth, the truth would come always from the mouth at any given time and we need not worry about the same. If we tell lie, we have to be guarded and search for reasons and reasoning everytime and some time we may forget what has been told earlier and thus caught as telling lies. Truth always had the caliber of outshining the lie and the truth alone triumphed the world. Even the court of law has been asking the crime doers ot those who accused to tell the truth so that ways and means can be explored to get out of the situation. But even the courts are misled by giving wrong statements to the police and there on to the courts. Therefore the good lawyer must prevail on the accused to extract what has exactly happened and then go for the helping tendencies within the purview of the law and relate the case with true outcomings.
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    If we are not able, to tell the truth, it is better to keep silent. Telling lies always is not good for us. Sometimes the truth may be bitter but we should digest it. We need not worry to hear or know the truth. It is very difficult to hide the truth for a long time. The truth will come out one way or another. Then people will not have any confidence in our words. So instead of becoming bad by telling lies, openly tell the truth and face the consequences happily. This will be the best way to follow.
    If we get habituated to telling lies, we have to remember what we said and on what occasion we said that also should be remembered. That will be very difficult. If we tell the truth we need not worry about what we said as there may be only one truth only.
    These days many people even when there is no necessity also, go on telling lies and again when they talk at the same time they may come out with a different reasoning and they will get caught by others.

    always confident

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