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    Politics is going to be the bearer of the cultural heritage of the society?

    Nowadays we see all the cultural events being celebrated in different areas, even in the neighborhoods led by different political parties and there are crowds of common people. Is it because of the closure of schools and colleges due to the closure of all the programs of those educational institutions? Or are ordinary people moving away from these cultures today because of their busy lives? Today the political party is doing what ordinary people and apprentices used to do. How do you see it?
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    This is the election time in many states and the politicians have the reason to be in the public and therefore they are encouraging the organizing of cultural heritage shows. The other day some boys and girls were seen singing hindi movie songs with good orchestra and sponsored by local politicians and they are ekking out some money and also having the banner of the politician in behind and therefore it is seen that instead of doing political donations to such organization, the politicians are asking them to entertain in public and get benefited. Politicians should choose the places of heritage in particular areas and promote the same through live concerts so that the heritage would be seen in tv and that would promote the tourism. For example Charminar has good space for cultural activities and that can be used in evenings to air some good music and dance programs.
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    It is one way of propaganda of the party and its leaders in that area. We are observing some entertainment programs on the roads and within the colony, at a time 2 or 3 programs are going on. Each one is sponsored by a party and its local leaders. But these are only some time pass activities and a common man may never decide whom to vote by seeing these shows I think.
    In schools and colleges, we used to have some cultural activities and once a year the institutes used to conduct cultural activities and prizes used to be distributed to winners on college day. Probably the schools and other institutes are not having any activities, they may be organising these programs in the colonies.

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    This is basically for the advertisement purpose and trying to make the party popular with the common people in the area. There are many people who have enough time in hand to attend such functions and pass their time. In villages and remote areas political parties arrange functions in such a way that free food is distributed to the people who are attending it in the guise of some function or some get to gather. The main idea is to keep in touch with people through one way or another.
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