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    We have to take a serious note of past results in our lives to shape our future

    In our lives many times situations and happenings repeat but we do not take them in cognisance and ignore them. These are not to be ignored because only when we understand them thoroughly then we would be able to avoid or accept them in our lives. Each activity and its result is to be understood in clear terms as it becomes an experience for the future. Any outcome in our life is the result of some actions and circumstances in which it was executed and if we take a note of that then it would be definitely useful at a later time in our lives when we have to take a decision for going ahead with a similar activity. So, I believe that taking things casually would be a disastrous thing and observational accuracy and adding it to the library of our experiences is something that is to be inculcated. What are your views on this?
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    Past life is the live example of how the things happened and how it was winded up. The past happenings has to be taken seriously and those who gone through the ordeal in the past should think twice as to why they were drawn to the controversy and why they are not aware of consequences hidden therein and how they came out of the situation. Some events and actions are forced on us and that would lead to uneasy circumstances to which we are not the party at all and yet drawn and dragged into the affairs for the no fault. Though initially the law would also not believe this and in due course time even the law would think that we have been used as the scapegoat and need to be separated from the cases. For this the court judge must be wise enough to read the persons and their so called cases for sure.
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    Our past might have taught us many lessons and the lessons we learnt should not be forgotten, They are very valuable and very useful to us in our coming days. If we remember them only we can use them as and when required. Sometimes we may do some mistakes and those mistakes might have made us lose some chances. We should remember them and we should not repeat them. Similarly, some novel ideas which we used earlier might have given us fantastic results. We should remember them also so that we can use them to our advantage.
    Doing the same work, again and again, may not become the experience. But understanding the work better and doing it in a very simple way will give us a better experience.
    But I want to add one more thing. Never go on talking about your past glory but concentrate on the present. Always telling that I did that and I did this is not very useful. But we should do now the work on the hand in a fruitful way will tell our capacity to others.

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