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    Should we contemplate why we fell into a situation or should we ignore and move ahead?

    Everyone wants an organised path to move ahead in life. We often do some sort of survey, carry out some studies and researches and then plan the events and things in life to mitigate any unwanted situation for ourselves in future. Planning and organising things and events are said to be steps towards success. However, we also do fall into such unwelcome situations even after much contemplation with respect to taking precautions and keeping our defences. We must never have thought of these situations.
    Now, what do we do? We definitely have to come out of this wrong circumstance. We need to plan and contemplate yet again. But should we contemplate upon what has happened and why we fell in such a place or should we just ignore that and look ahead forgetting all the bad things that led to the situation. Our past can impact our future decisions. So it should be advisable to treat bygones as bygones. But on the other hand, we also need to analyse where we erred.
    What should be the course of action?
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    When we get into a situation which we never thought of, the immediate action we have to take should be to find out ways and means to come out of that situation and continue our task. What are the things we have to do immediately to recover from the present situation that is more important? Sometimes we have to know how we get into that trap. Based on that only we may have to plan our further course of action. But in some cases, we need not think about how it happened but we have to get back to the task.
    But wasting time to know the causes of the situation may not be correct. But once we complete the task and we have some time we should review the whole happenings and we should make notes where we went wrong. This will be useful for us and we may not repeat the same again and again.
    When we have some health problem we should think of how to recover from that more than knowing how we got that health problem. Once we are alright we can review and decide what action of ours resulted in that health problem.

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    When there is some failure or setback in our lives then we have to seriously think reasons for that and try to incorporate those corrections next time. Simply contemplating would be of no use. We cannot ignore what had happened in the past. If we do that then we miss that experience and analysis of the failure. We cannot move ahead with new plans just like that and we have to see all the pros and cons of going ahead in light of earlier failures.
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    Normally no one push the self into the trouble and whatever happens is the coincidence from which we must contemplate to get out and also ponder over as to why were were trapped and what happened. Normally when we use the main road to reach the destination and suddenly decide to take the short cut route on which there is no much movement of people and suddenly our vehicle gets break down and we are stranded. Now there is no mechanic to attend nor any other alternate transport to reach the home or destination. So these kinds of situation do happens to us and that is not done intentionally. Unless and until we have a plan b in the hand we should not venture out to those areas which is new to us. But nothing wrong to taste and enjoy new way of life which is always accompanied with risk factor.
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    It is naturally different for everyone. While one might just move on or ignore the situation that they have been dealt in. Others might assess it and try to examine why are they present in that kind of situation. Honestly, I would much rather prefer to assess one situation when I'm away from it. While I'm in a sensitive situation I would try to avoid myself any stress and try to go beyond the situation as soon as possible. However, later when I'm content, I would like to examine, assess and contemplate every one of my steps that lead me into that situations so that I can make sure that in the coming future I'm never stuck in any situation that makes me uncomfortable in any way.
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