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    Contemplation like Money – Merit and Demerit

    Contemplation is a reflection of human concepts, judgments, principles etc., which is related to our various problems and solutions of problems. It is an exclusive product of our mind. Contemplation not only leads to personality development but also social development.

    But many times Contemplation becomes the cause of the problem for us and it changes the nature of the activity. I have seen a large number of people face trouble due to Contemplation.

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    Contemplation is a process of thinking about pros and cons of a situation or what would happen if we do like that type of thing. It is a thought process linked to so many activities in our lives and we are in a continuous phase of contemplating about these things regularly.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Contemplating is the risk factor to which some are amiable and many could not recoup to the situation and face the consequences. If the envisaged target goes well as per planned, then we are not worried , but when the things go out of control we are pertubbed and lost in the race. Be clear in your mind before attempting anything, and that should pave way for a viable options to move about because we have to draw sense and responsbility before attemtpting anything new.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. As mentioned by the author, sometimes what contemplate may become a problem to us. When we contemplate we have to take all the existing parameters into account correctly. Anything ignored or wrongly taken may lead to wrong contemplations and they may lead us to problems. Such times to know where we have gone wrong analysis is to be done and we have to correct the mistakes we did.
    When we contemplate certain things our way of proceeding will be different. If the contemplation itself is wrong the actions taken will all go wrong and it will become a big hurdle for us to get the final desired results. So a though understanding of the task and an open discussion about the whole issue is required before we contemplate something. Sometimes in a hurry, we think nothing will happen and go forward but when something happens only we will hundred that the approach itself is wrong.

    always confident

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