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    When we recover from illness we go back to same routine

    Many people fall ill from time to time and it varies from individual to individual as it depends on the heredity, immune system, food habits, and lifestyle and many other environmental and biological factors. During the time when we are ill we ponder a lot about our life style and think and even take vow that after getting well we will be sincerely doing Yoga and exercises and walk and avoid the junk food and things like that. Unfortunately, in many cases people just forget all those resolutions made during the illness time and get busy in their routine just like earlier. Does it happen to you also? What do you think about this strange behaviour? Why we forget things so quickly and resort to our earlier lifestyle? Any views on this?
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    Nice observation by the author regarding the human behaviour. Many of us learn from our illnesses and take enough precautions and remedies towards meking ourselves stronger. But there still exists a major chunck of us who fall back into the same routine trap and forget all the resolutions made regarding meditation, walks, nutritious diets, etc. We again tend to give priorities to our work and fall back in the rat race disrespecting our own bodies. The example of covid can be taken here. Many people suffered the illness twice due to lower immunity in the bodies and not maintaining proper rules.
    So, it is really important to stick to the healthy resolutions not just for us but also for the people caring for us.

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    Very true observation from the author shared by this thread, I think most of us do such practices. When people feel ill they change their routine and follow every possible thing which helps them to be fit and healthy. They avoid unhealthy diets and follow them strictly, but after feeling better they avoid these habits. But the first demand of good health is discipline, the discipline that we should keep in our daily life towards our own health. If you want to stay healthy continuously, then you should follow the rules continuously.

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    We all follow the routine everyday which is waking up at a certain time and continue doing it as we had prepared for it earlier. This routine continue s months to get. For example,an office goer wakes up around 6.30 ,has his beverage,takes a shower,has break fast and gets ready for office which starts at 9.00. This has been his morning routine on his working days. However,when he falls sick ,his routine changes and he has good diet,gets enough sleep,does meditation which keep him relaxed. He thinks of following the same routine after his recovery which will never work out because his routine while attending to his office will not be the same. He is forced to skip his breakfast if he gets up late and the order changes throughout the day.

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    Illness is not regular happening but our life style, living habits would not die and it always accompany with us during good and bad times of our life. While during illness we do take care of health as per the advice of the doctors, and after recovery we are back to the basics and old routine as we want to enjoy the life and nothing is left to be unattended. When we were so conscious about the health and food during the illness, now we are go for all food as we are fond of eating all kinds of food that tastes us the most. So it happens to me, you and all and our restrictions are for the time being, and once we are recovered from the illness, we are in more strength, more wanting of new taste, new food and even trying food that were not tasted earlier. After all our living time is less and we do not want to miss anything.
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    When we attend the funeral of a person all our thoughts will be around the uncertainty of our lives. We feel that all these worldly issues are temporary and we should not worry much about those issues. But once we are out of that atmosphere we will become normal and our thoughts will be about enjoyment and happiness only.
    So when we are in problems or when we are in ill health we think so many things and even we go on praying God to do good to us. We think that we should not go for unhealthy practices and we should not eat junk food etc. Once we recover from the problem and we are normal all our thoughts will change and we may go back to our normal thoughts and activities. This is the nature of human beings. Their thoughts and actions will change as the situation changes. A man who can control his mind and keep it in that same always is very great and we see very rarely such men.

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