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    Why don't we talk about depression?

    The anxiety, the mental problems and prolonged sadness are what we can involve in the state of depression. There are many people specifically now more than ever are suffering from this always present state of mind. Always present is stated as it has been mentioned metaphorically in religious scriptures as well. Like the instance of Dashrath wailing for Ram and died, Ram getting sad after Sita's departure and Laxman's death as well.
    In Mahabharata, too this state has been mentioned with Arjun, Karna and many others at time. But still when we say we are depressed then we are made fun of or are bombarded with statements that don't help us at all.
    Nobody wants to or likes to go through this but there are times when our vulnerability gets exposed and we fall in this deep bottom of emotions out of where we cannot get out for a while. Still, the research is going on and many things are interrelated to it and though this term can be held loose by many but the impact of not having proper mental health in school curriculum, workplaces, families and communities will have increasing states of depression.
    Add value to this thread with your experiences as well.
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    When we work and indulge in the acts, some times the happenings would be out of our control to which we get perturbed and there is no way out but go in for isolation for sometime to recoup and come back to the normal stage. But what I feel that we are giving too much importance to every work and act and expect that to be result oriented which is too much asking. Without even realizing that we are amid the best of best people around and success cannot be always and therefore we may achieve the near success many a time to which we must be happy to have performed well. By taking things to heart, we are going into more depression mode because by thinking too much on the matter it is not going to reverse or retract. Therefore just understand the reason for debacle and then move forward with damage control mode.
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    Depression is a state of mind and becomes a big problem when it sets in a particular person. It is difficult to pinpoint the reason of depression in a particular person as it depends on so many factors external as well internal in that specific case.
    The strange thing with depression is that it affects rich and poor equally. Also it affects educated or uneducated person equally.
    It is said that too many adversaries in life can bring depression in one's personality. But that is also not very true as people having so many facilities and financial freedom also get depression at times.
    Medical experts, philosophical and psychological research scholars are also searching ways to combat depression in the individuals but it is not so easy to find a solution for this mental problem.
    Some people believe that depression can be handled by adhering to Yoga, meditation, and spiritual form of life. One has to follow that and find out the truth in that doctrine.
    It is also said that if a person remains busy in his work and always keeps himself engaged in constructive activities then generally he will not get depression. We have to follow this to find the truth in it.

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    We had a peep into this issue in a recent thread by Umesh.

    I think depression, as said by Umesh in his response above, is a state of mind. Like most of the mental illnesses, people are not actually aware of what depression actually is. So many people around us might tell us casually that they are feeling depressed. They say so when are feeling sad or are not feeling well emotionally. But depression, in the medical sense, is not that simple as it sounds. It is said that just as common cold can be a symptom of many physical ailments, depression can be the symptom of many mental ailments.

    I agree with the author that more awareness need to be created among the general public about mental illnesses but again, I have my doubts as to whether it would help much. For a common man, any one who shows some kind of mental disturbance is simply mad. And it is very difficult to make another person understand a mental issue. One can understand when one says that he is having a headache because the other person must have also undergone some kind of a pain at some point of time. At the same time, if a person who is actually suffering from depression tries to convey his problem to another person, it is most likely that he would be told that it is all his feelings and he would be advised to take proper rest without thinking too much about anything.

    What I mean to say is that, our brain and its functions have not yet been explored to its fullest due to many reasons including practical difficulty. The answers we get from experts when we ask related questions can never be conclusive. Mental illness is an area that is still under study and so I am not sure whether we would be able to educate the common man about the same. What we can do at the most is to create awareness among people that everyone with a mental problem is not mad.

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    Depression is very common among people who toil a lot at their work place and even at home. When their hard work is not recognised but someone junior to them is praised and given promotion the person concerned gets into deep felling of morose. To add on,at home front also ,he has to attend to the needs of their family members. When the same situation prolongs for a longer period,the person goes into depression which needs immediate treatment by a psychologist. However,with a fear of being treated abnormal,he remains silent since the matter worsens . His illness is 9nly recognised by his family and friends when he has severe symptoms like trying to commit suicide or hurting himself with sharp objects..The good news is that one can come out of depression,if medical attention is sought after at the right point of time. Many intelligent and useful lives are lost because of overlooking the symptoms of depression. Even professionals such as doctors,engineers and advocates fall prey to depression and take their own lives.

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    Depression is something related to our minds. When we hear something which is very bad or when something happens which is not liked by us or when the result of a particular task we did is not in the lines of our expectations, this depression may set in. When we are in depression our mind will not work properly and will not think in positive ways. But how to measure the extent of depression is not unknown and even in fact whether there is any measure for this depression is also not known.
    Anxiety is something related to the state of the mind only. We want something to happen or not to happen. But we can't control our mind and we will go on thinking about the same issue. If it happens how to face it and what will happen to us etc will be going on in our mind and that will make us anxious.
    Both depression and anxiety or not good for the mental health of the individual and one should not go to these stages.

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    It is a part of the game and the life process. Everyone would fall in love at some point of time when we are young, Some disclose it and try to convert into longtime partnership by means of marriage and some cases won't reach the shore. As a student, one may have to face burden and challenges to make their dream into reality and feels stressed. With proper stress and time management, he may achieve the desired target. Otherwise, the 'S' factor would be influencing more and lead to 'depression'. Same is the case with those people in the middle age and those people, particularly after retiring from service would also be under pressure because of the domestic and outside responsibilities.

    Thus it all depends how we manage the things to reduce the stress to avoid depression; how we engage ourselves to become active in spite of all odds. For any type of depression or at the time of 'stress', you are your own Doctor. At any point of time, if you tend to express that you are feeling stressed/under depression, no matter how close they are, people won't heal you but things get aggrieved. With the advent of Social Media, people have a passion to put their feelings on record which is not required. As we can judge the state of mind while talking, the status of a WhatsApp also reflects our inner feelings. So better guided by your own-self and hear to those whom we trust.


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