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    Should parents force their children to attend various academically based classes?

    Due to high scale of competition ,many parents compel their wards to attend classes related to the subjects they study at schools but do not allow them to learn painting,singing ,dancing and other activities of their liking. I have noticed some children going for tution after school with dull faces and tired bodies. There are plenty of disadvantages of not allowing their children to have some fun. The main disadvantage is they will slowly drift away from their parents and become close to friends. Some friends may have good habits but others might have some addiction. If innocent children pick up the bad habits from any of their friends,it is the parents who would be worried. Thus,parents should behave with their kids in such a way that their sons and daughters would willingly spend more time with them than their friends by allowing them to join classes of their liking What is your opinion?
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    Why parents need to be blamed when the children are not wise enough to pick up the studies taught at the class or online and by refusing to understand the portions they are forcing the parents for additional tuition class to make the things better for child. Every parent want the child to be academically best and then the other activities can be pursued. Because the value of the parents are now being gauged with the studies and progress of the child and therefore they are extra conscious in giving best attention to studies and they are even going one step further to explore new avenues that would compensate and be the winner in the final exams without any doubts. Games and fun are the part of the life and not the life. If this is understood by the students, they would certainly give more edge to the studies.
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    Parents should never force the children in the direction or in the subject in which they have no interest. Such pressure will only destabilize the child and make his life miserable and he will start committing mistakes even in his favourable and passion areas. It is true that basic education is a necessity and we must provide basic education to our children but we cannot expect every child to score more than 95% in the exams. It is not possible to have such type of theoretical ambitions in our lives.
    Once the child completes the basic education then we have to see his interest and passion for the area and once it is pinpointed then we have to inspire and motivate him to do best in that particular line. If a young person has interest in business and had a passion for opening a shop why we should force him to do PhD. There are children having great interest in sports and if they are encouraged and motivated they can do better in that line than that of the usual academic pursuits. Parents have an important role to play in all these cases because if they understand the mind of the child then they can direct him in that direction for making a better career.

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    If we have interest and liking in the work we do, the outcome may be better than expected. But many times we land up in a situation where we will be doing all works which are not of our interest. That is the irony of life.
    When a student is interested in doing a particular course, their parents should allow him to do that course. They should not force him not to do that and admit him to another course. That will make him inactive and he can't do justice to the subjects into which he was admitted. We can understand the likings of even small children based on their behaviour and the acts. Initially, when the child gets into primary education, all subjects will be taught. By seeing the grade the child is getting in each subject we can understand in which area that child is good. Once we know that if we start encouraging the child he/she may become very good in that particular subject. So we all should consider the opinion of the child also while deciding about his /her higher education. Then only the child will get the maximum benefit.

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