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    Are fashion trends dictating our lives?

    Many people especially the young people are very much infatuated by the fashion trends going around. For example if we ask our child to go out and bring some small item from the nearby shop he would not like to go there in the house dress and will like to wear a jeans or some modern dress which is in accordance with the fashion trends going around that time. Some adults also are very particular about this and they don't go out without the usual fashion dresses in vogue at that time.
    Many people are also infatuated by these fashion trends and they ignore the weather and climate of the place and wear clothes which are against the weather going on in that area.
    Many people when they go for some function or gathering take utmost care of their dresses and other accessories and take special cares that they should be corresponding to latest fashion trends. They even spend money on buying them on the previous day.
    Do you think that fashion trends are dictating our lives? What are your thoughts on this?
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    Unfortunately only modern persons are getting carried away by so called fashion statements and they are getting into the taste very soon and wants to enjoy new fashion and new trend. The other day I wanted to purchase pant and shirt for me and my regular shop is always good and reasonably priced and I get my size with decent quality. But my boy took me to Reliance trend with some offers he received as previous customer. All the pants are priced at 1800 and plus where as the regular shops are selling the same at 1000 and below. And the quality is also not good and I am not getting my size. Then we came back to the regular shop and made purchases within 3000 and got all items with satisfaction. What I mean to say that in the name of fashion the high end shops are charging the rent accommodation from us and the items are highly priced.
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    Fashion is something which changes very frequently and people who like to be fashionable spend a large amount to buy the trendy things such as clothes,shoes, bags,watches and many other items which results in wastage of money. For example,if a lady would have bought a handbag of a colour which was in trend six months back, and the color changes to something else as per the choice of the fashion gurus the lady discards the bag and buys a new one which is latest. The same thing happens with watches, lip wear, eye wear, clothes and other accessories. As the author has rightly observed people tend to wear clothes of material which is not suited for their climate of the place they live in. I have seen people wearing a leather jacket even in summer although they sweat and feel uncomfortable as for fashionistas only following the latest fashion matters and neither the climate nor the color does not matter. The Indian women always attends wedding and other functions where people gather decked up in gold and diamond jewels which would attract thieves and robbers .They do not think twice before stepping out of their homes that it is going to be a risk for them. People will never change and fashion has been deeply rooted in the soil of the world for many decades and will still rule over the people in future as well.

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    These fashion trends are more during young age. People who are in their teens may give more importance to these fashion trends. In some people, it may extend to their marriage and then till becoming a parent. Once we have become a parent our concentration and priorities will change. When we are in a job we will attend the duty with the prescribed dress code. Once we are retired we will be more in casuals and very rarely we think of wearing formals.
    These fashion trends are not limited to dresses only but also to many other issues. How do you dress your hair? How do you talk? How do you move around? In all these aspects also some people try to have a fashion trend. I have seen many such people who give a lot of importance to fashion trends.
    But for the last two years with the influence of COVID people have forgotten going out much and hence the importance of fashion trends

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