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    Do you know about Writer's Block, or have ever felt it?

    Yesterday I saw a post on LinkedIn in which I found a new term- Writer Block, which is new to me, but the responses from other people made it clear that they were aware of the term. The word "writer block" refers to the situation when a writer does a lot of research before starting any writing work, but as a result of more research, he/she could not start writing anything because the author's aim is always to write something unique. And many times more research starts coming in the form of a hindrance. Has such a situation ever happened to you that you make up your mind to write on any subject but are unable to start writing? Have you faced any such Writer-Block?
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    Writer's block is a peculiar condition when the writer has to write something but due to his mind set up at that time he is not unable to scroll down something unique or even something of general interest and he temporary stops writing. It is a condition which every writer faces some time or other in one's life.
    There could be many reasons for such temporary disability but whenever it happens the writer becomes helpless as his creative channels are differed to a later stage.
    It is believed that the writers who are having a good thinking power and are continuously thinking about various issues and themes are not so much affected by these blocks as compared to those who have poor thinking process and they only think when they want to write something.
    It is imperative that writer's block should be avoided in the writer's life as far as possible.

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    For that matter what we are sharing in this forum is impromptu and the information shared here are out of experience and known to us through other sources. There is no much homework done on our contributions here, and based on the members question or seeking any information, we respond accordingly. Whereas the Writer's block is necessarily a research oriented subject to which lots of inputs and varied search of informations and compilation takes place to give the good piece of details to the targeted persons. For me one word of the heading is enough to bring in whole sorts of solid information which runs in my mind and thus make some sentences to finish the write up either to my satisfaction or the satisfaction of the members concerned. But I did find some writers do lot of research on many things and my boy is doing lots of research on languages spoken across the world and he is collecting lots of data.
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    Yes. Writer's block is a term often used by writer's themselves to indentify a period of time where they are unable to create content. Most writers must have faced writer's block atleast once or twice during their career. I believe writer's block has a correlation with lack of rest. Many a times writer's have a creativity fest where they work continues as creativity flows naturally during these time, then there is a low flow and eventually writer's block as all of their energy and creativity have already be utilised, their mind, body and brain has been used fullest to its potential for a while. Until they find a muse again to let the creativity flow fine. I myself, sometimes have suffered froma writer's block however it hasn't been that significant. A walk or reading a book usually helps me to over it in a slightest.
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    Many times I have this Writer's Block. I think of writing something on a particular topic and I go on reading information that is available to me or on the internet. By the time I go through some of the information, I feel there is nothing I can write and my interest will die down. For that day I say a stop to that reading and get into another matter. After one or two days I start again working on that. This happens mainly when we want to write an article related to our subject.
    When we think of writing something, we should keep the targetted readers in our minds. As per their level of understanding and their requirements, we have to plan. Otherwise, the whole exercise will become futile. The main part of writing is definitely reading the available information and understanding the issue properly. Once we have this on our hands we can make a plan for the article and then write.

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