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    Hyderabad property registration rates hiked

    The govt rate fixed for properties in Hyderabad range from 84,500 to 1,14,500 per sq yard that means this would be the minimum stamp rate duty to any property to be registered in their name by the respective buyers. So what this implies for the middle class and salaried class that they cannot think of owning a property in the twin cities due to hefty fees hike. On the one hand the state govt failed to give housing to the poor and the eligible beneficiaries and on the other hand they hiked the rates and now it is beyond the reach of the common man. Moreverover the banks would have the set back to provide more loans in future. What about your area ?
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    Recently in Hyderabad water charges were exempted up to a certain consumption limit. Now it is told that stamp duty is increased. So it is more and less compensated the earlier benefit. I was just contemplating that the government will never give some concession just like that and if it gives then it will take the money from people from some other route because government wants revenue to run the country. We generally feel happy when government gives some small concession in electricity or water or such common charges but we do not see the bigger thing hidden behind that. So in future when any Govt tries to appease us by giving small concession we should oppose it and get it cancelled. That will stop Govt for bringing that big hidden shocking thing in front of us.
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    The benefit that an individual gets by offering free water is very nominal and it may be helpful to the poor but not too many others. But the change in registration charges is very high and really a middle-class person who wants to go for a small house will feel the pinch. How he can pay that much fee is the question? The market rates of lands are increased. Automatically the registration charges will increase. The Real Estate person has to show more money in white and the government will get more money. It is all good.
    The state government is trying to squeeze more and more money in the form of taxes from the people. KCR clearly told that he is not going to reduce taxes on petroleum products from the share of the state government. Now the registration charges. What more in the offing are not known?

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