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    You can't always prove yourself right all the time.

    It is right that is wrong, we are right or they are wrong, I am right or he/she wrong or maybe they are right and I am wrong, this game of right and wrong stays with us every moment in our life because many such situations keep arising where someone could be right or wrong, and a calculation starts, which mostly seems meaningless because even if proved in the end, people will not accept it.

    Do your work in such a way that you always feel right in yourself, but do not give yourself so much pressure that your mind stops accepting that you can also do something wrong. It is our job to take action and result is up to our work but right, wrong or other reactions is a different topic, don't compare it with your way of working. So it is not necessary that we always kept fighting to prove ourselves right everywhere.
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    Many times we are right but almost similar number of times we are wrong also. No one is perfect and there will be only a handful of people in this world who are alway right. Most of us are mediocre people 50% times wrong and maybe 50% or less times right.
    The main problem is that why we do not accept our wrong actions or steps because of our ego. We cannot see other person winning with us even in a discussion. How can we tolerate that the point of other person is right and ours is wrong?
    It is basic human nature to consider oneself correct. This is the main problem in our society and in our dealings when we discuss or compare with others. When we start a discussion with a motto that we have to win at any cost then there is actually no use of that discussion. That is the reason why many wise and intelligent people avoid discussing with egoistic people. I agree with their strategies. That is the only way to avoid such people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If you put straight way the facts before your known people, you might not get the approval that you were right. There would not be any consideration of putting the facts in the rational ways. There is a point that even if you convince them why you differ with certain points, these statements would not give them any relief since they would not consider the pros and cons of the discussions going on. It reflects the attitudes of the members listening to the core issues being discussed. They would have different points to be raised on the same line only because of their egoistic issues. Internally the might agree with you but to show that they are right in their points, the would object to your points.

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    To err is human. This is what we hear many times. A person who never did a mistake is not a human being. We are all human beings and we tend to do mistakes. Some may do bigger mistakes and some may do smaller mistakes. Some may do fewer mistakes and some may do many. But no one can say that they never did any mistake.
    Many times people in power think that they do correct things only. So whatever good is happening, they attribute the same for their ability and the mistakes will be shown as committed by somebody else. Many people know that there is a mistake in their thinking or argument but they will not accept the same. They concentrate more on proving others wrong rather than correcting themselves. We can't change such people. One should have the guts to accept the mistakes they did and to correct themselves.
    One should not worry about doing mistakes. But he should know what is the mistake he did and should not repeat the same. I always believe in understanding our mistakes and correcting them and not repeating them.

    always confident

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    Follow the mission and task on hand, and the results would be superlative if the work was properly done and properly laid down with rules and regulations. Not that every work of ours would be successful, but surely failure may not be there. If the good work was appreciated because we met with 100 percent success. But everytime same output cannot be possible. We may fall short of expectation and our performance is not superlative. And it is not worst even. When we could perform to 80 percent success and that is also regarded as the best as we have not left anything unattended and the 100 percent output everytime is not possible. And by giving tough fight to others in competition, we must pat ourselves back that we are also the part of big achievements and because of our presence others can also make a break.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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