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    Contemplating in bed never brought success in work-life.

    Habits are such a valuable resource, good habits can make a person's life better. We always talk about the habits and lives of successful and established people. But unsuccessful people? We never see the reasons behind not being successful.
    Many are just engrossed in thought, as if they were doing a difficult task, choosing and arranging the whole work as his own. All this they do in the imagination of their own mind, not in reality. Many call them a daydreamer. They will not be able to do anything until they return to reality from the world of thought. Their self-confidence decreases day by day. So let not contemplate only, awake to rise in practical life and do it.
    Hence do not think much before starting the work, don't waste time, don't be afraid, fix the target, and join the work with full confidence, success will come.
    These are the symptoms of a weak person who spent a long time in contemplation, they will not succeed always. So we should work according to plan without fear of failure because there are many things in life, the possibility does not come to the fore before trying. This is my thinking. What do you think? This is my TOW contest entry.
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    Thinking very high and imagining as if we can do and we will do everything successfully but not doing anything is a lazy man's trait I feel.
    In our village, there was a poor family. A boy from that family used to distribute letters to individuals in their houses. Many families used to give him some money so that that family will survive. That boy started living in daydreams and never concentrated on his studies. Many people advised him to concentrate on his studies. They used to advise him not to think that he will get the support of the villagers always. But he never cared and suffered a lot in his life.
    We can construct multiple storied buildings in our thoughts, but how far we can make them real is the question. Be practical in your contemplations also. Try to understand your true abilities and also know your limitations. Keep all your thoughts within that limit only. That is always good.

    always confident

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    Contemplating only on bed only would mean dreaming without focussing on anything. It is as good as day-dreaming. Contemplation demands proper studies and action to make it a success. Plans do not work on their own. One has to make them work. Contemplating on bed is good only when you get up from your sleep and start working on it. Many of us take up the planning work on bed after retiring from the day's activities and after getting to know where the activities are progressing. This way we can plan better for the next day. But, if we do not implement after planning for fear of failure, it would simply mean that we are not committed. We are just closing all doors for success.

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    There is a long distance between thinking and working. Thinking is a process which can be done at any time, in any mode, in any position. Thinking is only building up of the thought process in a particular direction and makes us happy that if we do like this then we will achieve like this and if we do like that then we would achieve like that. This is only a mind set which has no practical utility or outcome.
    In place of thinking we have to do homework which means preparing for the action and considering the pros and cons of that activity. Once homework is completed then we have to start the action. Taking actions is the first step in right direction and that is required to be done for meeting our objectives or goals and then only we can expect some results to come out of that process. Sometimes we have to do, if required, mid-term corrections or modifications in our activity but our ultimate aim is to get results, results at any cost. Simply contemplating will not help, actions are required.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nice thread from the author. By just being a day dreamer and having lots of queued up wants and thoughts. one does not really achieve the same. The problem with many of us is the starting trouble. That is even before attempting a work, we are engrossed with negative thinking and non achievement as if we have passed half way down. When we have good plans to go about, start the same, have much confidence in yourself, and fix the daily target to be achieved so that the ultimate result be met. If such kind of planning is not envisaged, then contemplating big things would be in paper and thoughts and not in action. For example if one wants to be a national cricket player, daily practice with local boys need to be there and superlative performance be registered so that next level either district or state is guaranteed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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