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    Advantages of an umbrella approach to welfare amenities

    There has always been some discussion or the other on the kind of subsidies being given to the most vulnerable sections of society. For the best of reasons, for example, we need to always have a robust public distribution system that will seek to give the best of benefits to the really poor people.

    Furthermore, in some States like Tamil Nadu, the school children are given free bus passes, free books, free uniforms and so on, in the Government schools. Since a huge chunk of people study in such environments, the enrolment ratio in schools at various levels, is always very high. And since engineering education has become very widespread in many Southern States and in States like Maharashtra, we do have huge reservoirs of talents available.

    The key is the umbrella approach to such welfare amenities, which also addresses the vital issue of what we call social justice.

    In the years to come, we need massive flow of funds from the Corporates, in terms of CSR funds to keep the spirit of such umbrella approaches to social welfare, well on track an more meaningful in terms of social welfare and social justice.
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    That is true. Funds should come from corporates under CSR schemes. If we have to get that money from them corporates should survive and do good business so that we can expect money from them for the welfare of society. The companies like TATAs, INFOSYS etc are doing an excellent job by helping the public in various ways when a need comes.
    Unfortunately in India, corruption in politics has become a big issue. The political leaders in the name of welfare to the poor try to make money for themselves and their families. That is why the needy is not getting the required help. There is no transparency in the distribution system. In AP old-age pensions are distributed in cash and the distribution is being done by the village volunteers. Why can't they deposit the amount in the bank instead of cash distribution?
    Welfare schemes are required if they are doing good to the needy. But in my opinion, more than forty per cent of the expenditure in these welfare schemes is not reaching the needy. There should be an improvement.

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    The Corporate social responsibility is absent in many companies as they have the provisions but not utilizing the funds properly. At least wherever the factories or the companies exist, they can develop that area. For that matter I would appreciate the Hyderabad Metro Rail project which claimed the lands abetting the route and instead they provided the trees and tree guards and also relocated the trees which were about to be axed. But where is the social responsibility of helping the poor and the vulnerable lots. If the companies reach out to their employees and families in big way, that would be the great help this time because many are in the debts trap could not cope up with the life. The companies should have corpus fund for reaching out to employees and bare minimum amount be cut every month from salaries as recoveries.
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    States as well as central Govt are doing so many welfare measures for the poor and there are some jobs created for them under so many schemes. Some states are doing exceptionally good in that. The main thing is that the benefit of those schemes should reach the poor in a proper perspective and middlemen should not make money in the process. There is some inherent error in the mapping of the poor people across the country as multiple cards are in operation starting from ration card to PAN card. Now Govt is considering to link them all digitally to track the people whether they are the real poor and beneficiary of the schemes or just taking advantage because of some wrong data base. We have to improve our governance multifold and tighten the system so that bad elements in the society and system itself should not take advantage of the situation. CSR schemes do not benefit the poor directly as these are executed by some middle entity like some NGO or similar agency. CSR money of the corporates which could not be utilised by the companies should be deposited with Govt so that it comes under the umbrella cover.
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