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    Is it safe to consume frozen food which are preserved for several months ?

    Eating fresh vegetables and other food cooked at home is always healthy. Nowadays green vegetables such as green peas, peeled garlic ,small onions and other commodities of such type of vegetables are sold. Although the packets mention the date of expiry ,they are not too fresh. But people buy them because it saves them the preparation time before cooking. Moreover,ready to eat food packets are also being sold. You just have to dip and boil the packet as instructed on the box of the packet and the food is prepared instantly. Are these kind of food good for health? How many of you use such type of food ? Please discuss.
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    The query raised by the author is very much reasonable since many of us, due to paucity of time or otherwise, we don't mind using ready made items available in the market. This might include frozen peas, peeled garlic or ready made packets of soups and vegetables etc and the same are used just to save time apart from the enhancement of the taste.
    No doubt, we could save time with the usage of such items but it does more harm than the benefits accrued with the alteration of the conventional pattern. It has been confirmed that continuous usage of such items lead to,health disorders like High Blood Pressure, enhanced cholesterol and other health issues in the long term. Promoters of these products are from big business circles and they would not mind to go any length to push their products. We should not be guided by their tall talks but must adhere to healthy practices using the natural products for the safeguard of our health.

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    In olden days the food of previous day was not taken by people. Even cool water was consumed by keeping the drinking water in earthen pots. Later the need of keeping perishable items like curd, milk, vegetables came and so the requirement of refrigerator came. When modern steps started people keep the balance food items in the refrigerator for the next day usage. Later it made practiced as daily practice; people keep the food items prepared in the refrigerator and start using for days together. This practice is utilized by the vendors of food related items in the mass cooling areas without considering the danger in consuming such items. Now such vendors are find out and arrested in the angle of spreading the spoiled food products over frozen. Every thing we only created and now realizing and going to back period.

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    Now a days it is very common to use frozen and packaged foods as it is convenient to use them at any time in our house. It makes life easy. We need not to wash the vegetables, not to cut them, not to peel them, or chop them before cooking. From health point of view there is nothing equal to the fresh foods but the modern living has compromised on that account and there are a number of companies which are manufacturing and producing a large quantity of these packaged and frozen foods and people are regularly buying them and storing in their refrigerators.
    Some of these food packets invariably contain some quantity of preservatives also which are the chemicals not good for our health.
    Human nature is very strange. We very well know that health is wealth but ignore that fact and compromise our health for the convenience in our lives. This may look ridiculous but is the fact of the modern times.

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    I am against using such foods. Once in a while, we may be forced to use such foods. But they are not good for health. They may not damage the system but we may not get the benefit that we are supposed to get. But many people are using these foods due to the comfort in using them. If we purchase fresh vegetables we have to wash them properly and do pre-cooking preparations on the items liking cutting or grinding etc. So one has to spend a lot of time in this activity. Due to paucity of time. many people are going for these packaged foods.
    Ready to eat foods are also not good for health. We use quality products for cooking if we cook in our house. But the sellers of ready to use food may not be using quality products as the cost will be high and they may not be able to compete with the other manufacturers. So in our house, we never go for ready to eat foods. Even semi-finished foods are also not preferred.

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    What I has learned from many of known persons and relatives that frozen foods kept in the fridge are not the fresh ones and though it seems to be fresh and good, the after action is very dangerous to health as amoebiasis disease has entered the body and that is giving rise to bulging stomach and bloating always. In urban areas we have the very bad habit of storing the vegetables, fruits and other items in the fridge for at least one week and in the course of time the bacterial reaction inside the same is causing health problems to the people who have those food items. We should not keep milk, curd, milk products for longer days in fridge and they would cause bacterial reaction within few days. It is good to purchase the vegetables in the morning hours daily and use them for the day and that ends the matter.
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