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    Peculiar morning walk of people in Metro City

    It is a funny, ironic and unique observation I made recently. In the big metro cities like Delhi, people often come for a morning walk in big cars park them outside the park or walking area, and then they start morning walk in that particular area. In this particular area, Delhi Ridge is located within the north campus area of Delhi University.
    Outside the ridge, you will find so many cars parked and people walking inside. I mean how are they polluting air in the morning and expecting to get fresh air, or how are they coming with a vehicle than going for walk. How do you see such a thing? Have you observed any such double standard things around you.
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    Generally the people do that type of thing when they do not have a clean and spacious place to walk near their houses and then they are forced to search some place where a big park is there and where they can walk comfortably in the morning time. If the park is far away from their houses to avoid the road walking they will go there in the car or even scooter if they cannot afford a car. It is true that if so many people are doing that then they are polluting the environment in the morning itself and that is in a bad taste.
    I have seen many people going to that far away park even on their bikes and that is a good gesture. Some people are having a feeling of class and wherever they go they try to make a group of like minded and similar financial level people and some of those are the persons who are keen to ride in their car to reach that place where they are recognised in that group. So identity crisis also creates such bizarre patterns.

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    Yes, the author is right that there are people interested for the morning walk. However, the problem is that there is not a ground or a park in their nearby area. They might visit a park after covering a distance of even 15 km so as to get their preferred area of destination for the morning walk. It is certainly a good idea to spare sometime for the morning walk so that they can be benefited with the fresh air of the morning. Walking at a stretch for over an hour in the morning in the park will provide them the real health benefits with their engagements of various activities such as jogging, brisk walking and other yoga postures. The only point is that they have to spare some additional money for reaching such destinations and larger the volume of such people, they could pollute the atmosphere.

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    It happens everywhere. May be lack of sufficient walking space nearby, people who can afford prefer to go regularly by a two wheeler or four wheeler for a walk . Nothing wrong in it. But these people spend their time for a tele-chat using ear-phones and speak loudly. You can understand the the whole story whether a comedy, love track or a gossip about their neighbour. If two or three join together for a walk, it would more like a walking talkies just as a touring talkies!

    We can't ignore them unless we increase our walking pace and such people definitely a disruption for our morning engagement. Of course, we have to enjoy it for a time pass.


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    Rich people go in the car for 10 to 15 Kms to walk six or eight kilometres in the mornings. In Hyderabad also many people do this. Many members of the Secunderabad club come to the club in the morning in their cars. Park there and go for their walking. Here one good thing is, these people will meet other people with whom they have some work because many of them were MDs, CEOs are VPs of companies. That way they use their time for getting some work done also. After completing the walk they may even have a small cup of coffee in the club and then go home. They are utilising their time in two ways.
    I agree with the author that for their health, these people are spoiling the health of the environment. That is not very advisable. But these people may not get into that thinking as they feel it is not safe to have morning walks on the roads as the traffic maybe there in even early mornings also.

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    Nice observation from the author. On the one hand they are already polluting the area by coming in cars and parking them outside the walking area and on the other hand they wants fresh air which cannot be guaranteed. And I know the Delhi Ridge area is the limited space to breathe and so many vehicles in the morning hours would only make it more difficult and not facilitate good morning walk. And those who are the serious walkers are being disturbed by the lazy walkers as they ask them to sit and have the chat of matters of no interest and that is nothing but wasting of others time. And while on the way they would either have stomach full of break fast, fruit juice or other items to compensate the loss of exertion that was made just now. Such kind of exercise is not required not benefit health wise as walking become fashion and not health requirement.
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