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    Which mode do you choose to get the news? The newspaper, television or the internet?

    People follow the latest news via various sources. Some like to read the newspaper with their morning cup of tea or coffee while others watch the news on their laptops or computers or smartphones. For me it is always the newspaper. I think old people are the ones who read the newspaper regularly. The youngsters access the internet to get the latest news. How many of you enjoy reading the newspaper with a hot cup of tea or coffee early in the morning? Or do you prefer to switch on your televisions to enjoy the visuals too? What is your preference and why?
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    Reading news paper in the morning with a cup of coffee in the hand has become the past habit. Now we are getting news alert as it happens over the mobile with video and photos and that is enough for us to keep updated. What I feel that the newspapers have become thin with less advertisement and they are not carrying the usual investigative journalism which ought to be the highlight of great newspapers. Now that the tv and online portals are bringing scoop and other great news instantly, the news papers lost the sheen and only the elders who are not having access to phones or does not want to read the small fonts in the phones are now hooking on to the newspapers. Moreover the newspaper boy is coming very late and the price of paper is also increased and therefore there are less takers for newspapers.
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    I had stopped reading newspaper long back when I found that internet is providing us news of all sorts in detail and in linkable formats. The advantage of internet news is that you need not to waste your time in seeing the news in biased TV channels or biased nrwspapers so better go to some internet channel where unbiased and honest news is being provided. There are many channels in internet doing that job. They are not only authentic but they are having a patriotic and national bias towards all the events happening in our country. If all of us view only to these good channels then the biased channels' TRP will come down and our nation will be benefited to a great extent.
    Many biased channels are misleading the gullible people and some of these channels are even resorting to anti-national propaganda. As a good citizen of this country we should be very careful about this things.

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    I was reading the newspaper early in the morning with a cup of coffee. I was reading the local newspaper in Telugu. used to do that since my 18th year or so. There were days when I was subscribing to one English newspaper and one Telugu newspaper. But I stopped the same for the last two years as all my family members decided not to get a newspaper due to COVID 19. Then onwards I started reading news on my smartphone using the electronic version of the newspaper.
    Generally, I will not watch news channels on TV. We can't rely on these channels for the correctness of the news. Only a few channels maintain the standards. Many channels give more importance to unimportant news. All these channels are having affiliations with one or the other political parties and always give biased reports only. So we should not rely on these channels for correct news.

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    By the way congrats Niharika for having become one of the five stars in this forum and that speaks about your comeback with new name and new zeal to be recognized. Coming to the topic, now a days we are all having the smart phones and by default the Google has been connected with online news from many channels and portals and that keep on trickling in as the feed. Internet has become more important and vibrant these days as many news which are not seen in tv and news papers are being flashed with lots of details and some times supported with images and the video and thus we are kept updated so instantly as the news happens. If that is the happening, then we are surely blessed to have updated news every time but do not subscribe to fake news sites which are also making rounds on the net.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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