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    February is a unique month!

    We are now in the month of February. The month of February is a unique month in many respects. In order to have uniform number of days in every year, February was chosen for adjusting these days by making February month having only 28 days. Even after doing that there was some error remaining in the calendar and to correct it, after every four years, February was made to be of 29 days. That helped to a great extent but to correct for the minor error which still remained after that the 400th February (coming after each 400 years) was exceptionally made as having only 28 days in it. People who make, design, and print calendars know these things well.
    So another interesting thing about February is that just by working for 28 days in the month of February, salaried people get their full salary corresponding to 30/31 days. Is not it a thing to rejoice?
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    The author is right. Moreover, today, 2nd February is a special one as we have to wait for eleven more years for similar date, that is today 02-02-2022 and we have to wait to see 03.03.2033. We can do something today to remember forever.

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    Yes, February is an unique month in the calendar that has only 28 or 29 days for month. Those who born on 29th February will experience an interesting thing in their life that is they get their birthday only after every 4 years. So their age is amusingly less. How the people feel if their birthday fall on February 29th. ? Are they happy or sad?

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    When I was a child, I used to ponder over that why the February is the shortest month, and why the salaries are paid in full and unfortunately the data recharging is not extended and ends within the time. And this February has four Saturdays and out of which two Saturdays are bank holidays and they are the people who rejoicing every month with more holidays and less duties. Normally February is not having any festivals except the Basanth Panchami on 5th of this month. Having seen the dullness of this month the Valentine day was fixed for 14th of every year. Anyway for the common man February is the worried month because he has to make lots of provisions for the coming months and that starts with school fees, transport fees, other renewals, vehicle insurance renewals etc. Very hectic months beginning hereafter.
    K Mohan
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    February is unique among the 12 months. It is having only 28days whereas all other months are having 30 or 31 days.
    The length of the month changed over time. For some years this month was having only 23 days. . When the Roman calendar was remade by Julius Caesar., the month was given 28 days during normal years and 29 days during leap years. But I am hearing for the first time that once in 400 years, the leap year will have only 28 days.
    Even though February will have 28 or 29 days, there will be 24 working days for 6-day week jobs. Generally, 4 Sundays only will come. No other public holidays will come in this month normally.
    One of my cousins was born on 29th February. Every year he celebrates his birthday on 28th February and in leap year on 29th of February.

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    You are right sir, Every month has its own charm and value but The February month is unique from another month Especially for leap years. According to the author of this thread, I will enjoy a salary of a short month.
    Phagu Mahato
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    The author is right, February month is a special month and most of the important functions like marriage, engagement are also declared this month due to the weather of the month. The month of February was chosen for the engagement of one of my cousins, in which the date has been fixed as February 22. This is the reason for choosing the date - 22.02.2022 so that it can be memorable due to its pattern. Nowadays people are focusing more on creativity.

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