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    Please learn the rules and regulations of any internet site where you join for any work

    When we join a site for some work then it is necessary that we get the detailed rules, regulations, and policies of the site as that will be very convenient at a later stage when we get confusion about an issue related to our contributions especially when they are rejected. If we do not learn the basics of that site then every other day we will be raising some query to ask our fellow senior members or editors about some clarification and then there is no end to that.
    I want to share one of my experience here which I hope would benefit the members especially new members to understand the matter in more clear terms. I was working in a top literary site in internet and was having satisfactory score (performance based) there. I was trying to increase my level to good or very good and in that ambition I selected one job there and they gave me 15 days time. It was not tough but required some concentration and focus and unfortunately I could not complete it and as there was a provision of extension, I asked for an extension and was given 5 days extension as per the rules. As that was a new activity for me and I had not gone through the rules in that section but anyway I completed my job by the 5th day and submitted and it was approved and published but my score went from satisfactory to poor and when I went through the rules then I found that for each day of extension a score of 5 was deducted and I lost a score of 20 which is quite high considering the fact that total maximum score is 100 and the top members had scores ranging from 60 to 70.
    So let us take care and learn the basic rules and policies of the site in the internet where we join to work.
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    That is true. We should know in detail all the rules and regulations of the site on which we are working. When we join a new website, we should go through all the helpline topics so that we will have a full understanding of the dos and don'ts of the site. Even we do some mistakes without knowing the rules, the loss may be very heavy and we have to pay the penalty.
    I have the habit of reading all the guidelines generally when I start working on a new website. There are some sites that will be sending information from time to time and we should go through that know the latest changes in rules so that we will have the correct understanding of the changes.
    Sometimes we ignore minor points and the resultant effect of that will appear to be very big at the end of the day. There is no point in feeling bad for the loss as it is our own mistake.

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    Nice thread from the author and thanks for sharing the real time experience with internet contribution sites and we have to read the rules properly and adhere to the same, otherwise rejections and even not refunding the amount thus taken as entry fee. In one of the popular national news paper I make comments and for each comment points are added and these points can be redeemed to any product or services to which we are eligible. Though the points are accumulating, there is no proper redeeming products or services which matches to my wants but since I am delaying the redeeming there seems to be clause of expiring points and thus nearly six thousand to seven thousand points were removed or deleted. That is very bothering because the paper does not have proper arrangements with companies to redeem the points and we are punished.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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