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    Is the ISC channel helping you stay up to date?

    I want to visit this channel whenever I have time. There are a lot of valued members here who are constantly posting new quality content. Others are taking part in it and at the same time are able to know or learn about many new things. As a result, along with the knowledge, you are able to keep yourself updated about various events or topics happening around the globe. How are you benefiting? Please share.
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    Yes it is the fact that our forum has become more vibrant these days and many are active and contributing their information and thus we are treated with varied contents and new information and even staying updated. Whether we are benefiting is not the question, but how the topics are created to the understanding level of the members and then igniting the discussion and that has become a trending topic even on the internet. Interpreting the news already emanated and creating a discussion base for the same has become more trendy even in other social media, but here only the creation of the authors hold important and not the fake news which are also appearing lot in the internet. Anyways, cherish the new information and knowledge, as and when it appears and one need not contribute nor respond but have the necessity to read and understand.
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    With the exposure of this channels at least we are getting two valuable assets. The first being the sharing of experience of the members having wide experience in the different areas and the other aspects is our entertainment with the quality posts. We would constantly see what is the latest development in the different sections and even dedicating to at least an hour will be sufficient to refresh us. We can share our views in the forum section and in case, we have the passion for writing, we can go ahead with the article section. There might be varied doubts relating to innumerable things and the same can be resolved through Ask Experts Section. There are other sections as well such as updating latest vacancies in the different organisations and going through ISC channel, readers would be substantially benefited.

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    There are some benefits definitely for us if we spend some time here. There are articles on various topics and by going through them we will get our knowledge enhanced. We will get information about various colleges, universities, admissions processes and courses offered etc will be known if we go through the various sections under education part. It will be helping the people who want to make a decision about their choice of branches of education.
    The job section is also very useful for us to know various jobs that are available and we can apply for those posts. We need not go through different papers to know the vacant posts. Here all are available at one place,
    Sometimes when we read something hear we will get interested to know more about the same and we may go through the literature and that will be helping us in enhancing our knowledge in that area.
    Overall the time we spend here will be very useful and we are getting educated and at the same time, we may be earning a little money also.

    always confident

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    This is really a big portal and there are so many sections and if one is interested one can get so much information here itself without going outside this site. One has to use the internal search function which will take us to old Forum threads, Ask Expert questions, Articles, Jobs, Educational information of all kind and many other related information. It is good that old data is made available stored on the server and we can go through that whenever needed. For a newcomer sometimes it is difficult to navigate as there are many sections and activities here and one has to learn the basic pathways here leading us from one place to other and back to the original place with ease. Every day some information or query would be posted by the members and we get so much knowledge gain in that area when we discuss the things threadbare. The most important part which I think is helping us to develop our writing skills and improve the creative content quality is the contests being arranged by ISC every month and I feel that is the lifeline for many of us.
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    As I am a retired person, I update my news content from various sources like newspapers, TV media, mobile media. But when we go through forum of ISC we not only get interesting news items but also various interesting views on those news items. We can discuss our views with regard to the news. This help us to gain more knowledge. Other than this we can enjoy some quality time with this hobby.

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    The author is right, ISC is really everything in itself, not because we are earning something here as its member but because we have found it a platform where we are getting a lot in one place. By sharing our thoughts with each other, we are able to connect ourselves in social form, and by adopting new ideas with open thinking, we are developing ourselves further. At the same time, we also get a lot of different local information which is really a unique experience. Sharing knowledge, updating oneself with daily news, enhancing one's writing style, discovering one's own talents by participating in various contests, and feeling a part of the family at the same time is a pleasurable experience. And with so many blissful moments when we are getting something stipend then it is icing on the cake.

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