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    Do we need to re-write our Constitution?

    Very recently we have celebrated 67th Republic day and we all were praising the greatness of our Indian Constitution. In an unprecedented move, a new point of discussion was raised by a Senior Politician of the country yesterday that we don't need many Amendments to the Constitution but it is to be re-written. We don't know in what mood he said those words but they have given a food for thought. We can't ignore him and take them in lighter note as he is consolidating the opposition forces against the ruling alliance in India and gearing up for the Elections 2024.

    Is it really required to re-write our Constitution? Some people believe that Indian Politics are slowly diverting towards caste based and other regional factors. The reservation facilities proposed for 10 years initially and now they are being further extended decade after decade. We should not take the comment on a political perspective but seriously examine it whether Amendments do sufficient or not? The problem is the decisions are based on the majority of the members elected to the Parliament and now become party based or individual based.

    What do you say?
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    At the time when Nirmala Sitaraman was presenting the budget and making her speech in the Parliament, Telangana KCR has addressed the media and raked up new issue of rewriting the constitution as it was not benefited much to the larger section of the society. While BJP let govt has promised vibrant economy and made plants upto 2037 with greater growth poised in all sectors, KCR brushed up everything and wanted a alternative to rule this country and he is working on that direction. All these days KCR thought that BJP was not entity in Telangana and now has the fears that it is the only party that can disturb his turf in TS and also puncture his dreams of becoming a national leader. One thing is sure rewriting the constitution is not required at all as we made 80 attempts to amend the same and there is no asking for rewrite so far.
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    The constitution of India was written by Dr. Ambedkar after we attain independence. During the course of time so many amendments to our constitution according to our needs. The political parties using the loopholes in the constitution are making the politics into their favor. Recently the central government has announced the IAS, IPS, IRS officers are under the control of them. The central government trying to keep everything in their control and want to make the state governments powerless. These new things breaking federal fabric of our constitution. So politicians thinking that the constitution to be rewritten so that the loopholes in the constitution can be rectified in order no one can interpret in a different way. Some of the things what were happening now are not thought by Ambedkar at that time and so there is a need for make amendments to constitution or has to be rewritten.

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    I feel there is no necessity to rewrite the constitution. The politicians of those days are not selfish and they have no personal goals. They were keeping the interest of the nation as first priority. They made a very balanced approach and made the constitution. The present-day politicians are having their personal gains and family gains in the first place and they never bother about the country or its citizens. We can understand what type of constitution they can make.
    Reservations were given in the constitution with very good intentions but the rulers afterwards used it for obtaining votes and they go on increasing the validity of these reservations. In an attempt to make a better constitution by rewriting we may end up with a constitution that favours the politicians more than the public. As long as the intentions of the people in power are good there is no problem with the present constitution.

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    When we do modifications and corrections to a big document like constitution of India then it is natural that some ambiguities might arise in future and create confusion. Amendments are in the nature of corrections only and I don't think that experts would go through the whole constitution while making amendments at places. So creating amendments is a temporary measure to somehow manage the show and go ahead with the main skeleton of the constitution. After so many decades it makes sense to revise and rewrite the constitution for bringing the ambiguities to minimum. That would be a great opportunity for the Govt to keep strict and stern provisions for the criminals, defaulters, and evil elements who get scot free after doing the crime taking shelter under some constitutional clause where some ambiguity or dual interpretation is there. It is also to be understood that constitution rewriting is not a simple job and it would create a lot of confusion and questions in the minds of the people doing it and a focussed and efficient committee is required for this job otherwise rewriting would take years in completion and by that time the Govt will change and may just stop going for it.
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    The Constitution of India was prepared by a committee consisting of six members and a Chairman. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the Chairman of the committee. The Constitution defines the law of the country. The committee made provision for amending the Constitution with changing times and the necessity. The procedure for amendments is also simple. The Constitution is amended 105 times after it was adopted.

    There is absolutely no necessity to draft a new constitution. Mr.K. Chandrasekhara Rao raised the issue of drafting a new constitution. He made this remark in view of the growing tendency to take away many subjects from the purview of the State governments. Mr.KCR felt that the federal structure of the country is threatened.

    India is a country with a lot of diversity. Trying to weaken the federal structure will lead to many problems. The political leaders of the early days of independent India were concerned about the country and its welfare. Now we find a new breed of politicians who are interested in gaining power. They are causing a lot of damage to the country. What we need is not a new constitution but a new set of political leaders interested in the welfare of the country and its people.

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    I would like to point out that we celebrated the 73rd Republic Day recently. I do not think that politicians are experts in constitutional matters but more interested to stay in power anyhow. The constitution is not a machine but a large book containing many sections and subsections defining the code of conduct, the role of the government, the rights of the citizens, etc. These should not be counted as spare parts of equipment and if someone thinks that spares are no more available and the equipment needs to be replaced then it's wrong. The provision to amend the constitution is already there and if any law or conduct needs to be modified according to time it can be done by an expert committee. The Supreme Court is the custodian of the Constitution and any changes to it must be ratified by the apex court. Many times political parties utter the word unconstitutional without analyzing the proper meaning of the context and if they feel something unconstitutional they can always move the Supreme Court with their views. The constitution should not be used as a tool by the politicians but must be understood by them properly before making an unnecessary comment.

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    KCR drawn a huge flak from many opposition parties that by asking to rewrite the constitution he has demeaned the very great laws in force of the Indian government since 75 years as he does not cared the office of President, vice President, Prime Ministers, Governor and himself being a CM. When our constitution was well written with preamble of for the people, by the people and of the people, what else KCR wants to rewrite and include. By the way do we have the expertise and knowledge to rewrite without affecting the sentiments and minds of people already enjoying the rights in the present circumstances. If KCR does not have confidence in the constitution let him resign and bow out of office and he cannot criticise the same while in office and he must be reprimanded by the courts for scathing attack on the PM personally who is the legally and constitutionally elected representative and by demeaning him, he insulted the voters who elected him.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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