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    The success story of single shop becoming a big chain stores in TN

    Probably Tamil Nadu is the only state where in the chain stores are gaining momentum as by establishing one single shop and gaining the confidence and trust of the people, they become a big chain stores spread across the country. Yes, we are talking about Vasanth and Co. The company engaged in supply of household items has now become a 100 shop network spread across the state and giving employment to whole lots of people with good salary. And all this has been happening even in the absence of founder chairman Vasanth who died few years back. Whom to credit, the employees, the management or the public giving the support ?
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    Vasanth and Co is a dealer of consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile phones Their headquarters is in Chennai, India. This was started in 1978 and has 101 showrooms across Tamil Nadu as of date. They have their branches in Pondicherry and Bangalore also. The turnover in 2017 is reported to be over Rs.1000 crore.
    These days this shop is accepting online orders also and supplying online. They have a business development group and the group is working on increasing their business.
    The success of the business depends on various factors and when all the employees and the management works together. Even though their founder is no more his successors may be doing a good job with proper planning and they may be able to achieve good business.

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    When I was living in Chennai we came across that name but at that time they had may be one or two shops in T. Nagar or Kodambakkam area. At that time there was a big store as Shravana Store which was doing excellent business. There are many enterprising business people in Tamil Nadu who know how to attract and even lure the customers by giving small discounts or freebies or replacement of old items etc. They are very well advanced in those basic business techniques and members will be surprised to know that on certain occasions we had to stand in line for half an hour to buy items from that particular store that I just mentioned above. Then there were middle class restaurants where we had to wait for a seat. There was a sweet shop in Egmore area which gave, sold festival times, only 2 Kg sweets to one person and that also after standing half an hour in the line.
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    Yes, chain markets are becoming more popular in all places of India. Especially in big cities these markets are doing well. Vijetha, Ratna Deep are some of the examples where they can be found throughout Telugu states. If a super market gets good name it will spread through mouth talk and it spread everywhere. Proper maintenance, reliability, quality assurance , proper price are the things that the customer look and if they pass through these things they become successful. Proper maintenance is the key to success of chain stores. If popular people establish these shops they become more successful because people trust them. For example, Patanjali, Tata, Reliance are established by most popular people and thus they are trusted by more people.

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    Thanks to the author for sharing this, cause I do not have knowledge about this, many such incidents really give motivation. The truth is said that no work is small or big and when we start any work with dedication and keep trying continuously, do not give up even after difficulties, do not allow ourselves to get demotivated, then surely success is the same. The types resonate in all directions. Collective contribution is an essential factor, in which some people are involved because of their needs, some people because of their investment or profit, or some people are involved for service, and then gradually the individual goal becomes a collective goal. When a goal becomes a collective, then its success is not temporary as the group continuously grows itself and keeps on reaching new extremes of success which can be infinite.

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    When a company is established with great norms and rules, the operating chain becomes easy and going to be expanded vertically.
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