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    Do you think in future robots will replace sales persons in show rooms

    In some developed countries robots have started taking orders in restaurants from the customers. Therefore, in future perhaps robots would also replace sales persons and supervisors. Some people might like the idea but others might not. If many activities we do outside home becomes mechanical with the help of machines, it would not be enjoyable without human touch. In many big shops we find many salesmen and women attending to the customers who interact well with those staff. Will the customers feel happy if the robots do the same ? Will this ever happen ? Imagine visiting such a showroom sans sales personnel. Will you welcome such a shopping experience?
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    Niharikha, I am finding some mismatch between your title and the write up. It is a bit mixed up. May be I am not able to make out exactly what is your point. Can you change the title or explain it or change your write up suitably? If I am wrong feel free to correct me.
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    At this time we are seeing in many restaurants and hotels, robots are supplying ordered items. It will be an amusing thing for children in the early stages. Robots will do in a limited way in interaction with the customers. Much human interaction is required in many shops and in this robots fail. If robots takes the role of salesman and it results in unemployment.

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    There is a chain of development where we know about many inventions from ancient times till now and every new invention comes with some special achievements. But the invention should not develop so much that the very existence of human beings starts coming into danger. I cannot say that Artificial Intelligence is not a good idea, it is definitely necessary for the development of the country and society. The emotional relationship of man to man should probably not be replaced by machines. I saw a movie a few days ago in which some people go to space but all of them are in a state of unconsciousness for some time and only one person wakes up, he is not accompanied by any human but a robot was there to him who looks to be in human form but emotionally he is not able to connect with that robot.

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    Anything is possible. We are seeing already robots working in some industries instead of human beings. So a day may come where robots will be doing the salesgirl or salesboy job in future. If such a thing happens unemployment problem will increase.
    Another problem I am anticipating is a robot can work according to the programme and training but can't act independently. A salesperson can talk suitably as per the mentality of the buyer and will try to convince the person. But is it possible for a robot to do this?
    As mentioned by the author, I feel there should be some human touch when somebody tries to convince the buyer. A machine may not be able to do the same as a person. So robots can be used more in places where routine works are to be carried out but not where some specialised talk and convincing is required.

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    Definitely not. Think of the cost-effectiveness. How much they are paying for a sales boy or girl? Can they afford to deploy a Robo cheaper than the payments made to them?

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    The title of the thread and the topic discussed is not matching but I am sure the author wanted to mean what is described in the thread.

    Robots will do things in a good way if it's a routine task. For example, robots can be used to move things from one place to another which doesn't require any human interaction. On the other hand, sales representatives help the customers as a guide which cannot be done efficiently by a robot. There are many aspects associated with selling like sorting out the items according to specifications, putting things in place, etc which may be carried out by a robot but not everything is mechanical. A robot cannot replace the human touch and hence cannot replace sales persons altogether.


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    What I meant in the title was in future,instead of salesmen and sales women,robots would attend to the customers.. if so,would you be comfortable to buy from such shops.

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    Niharika, @#750599, in that case, I think the title would be just the opposite. It can be something like - 'Do you think in future salespersons will be replaced by robots in showrooms?'

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    Robots can be used by MNC's, who can reduce the cost of labour. This can be mainly in production industries but it cannot be same for small and medium scale industries.

    Salesman greeting customers with smiling face (feelings) cannot be snatched by a Robot, hence I think it may not be encouraged.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a video of robots which were engaged in the kitchen of a hotel and the person who is training them got agitated and snatched the item to make it learn thoroughly to which robot got angry and bet him. What I mean to say that robots cannot match the human tendency, human thinking, human behavior and human understanding of other persons. They may be working as per programmed cause and not beyond that. And as far as replacing sales persons in the show rooms arise, it is beyond compare because human touch with the customer relations are the age gone impression and trust and on which the business takes place and not because of shop name or the shop owner. The attention of the sales person, the perseverance, the convincing capacity matters and robots does not have these.
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    No not in the near future at least. For years to come, robots are not likely to be that advanced that they will replace humans from salespersons jobs in showrooms. In any case, there is a trend of online marketing, as a result of which we will see that in future there are very few physical showrooms or shops. It is true that robots can do certain monotonous kinds of jobs very efficiently, but some other jobs like that in the service industry are best left to humans. Without that human touch, shoppers won't get that experience that may induce them to shop for more. Yes, in some stores like supermarkets the robots can help, where there is not much role for a salesperson, except for at the billing desk. The billing desk job can be perhaps taken up by robots. Then there is the concept of metaverse also where instead of online shopping, our virtual self will visit a shop virtually and do all the shopping. So there too there won't be any need for a robot. Our virtual self itself will be kind of a robot.
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