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    Discussion with close-minded people is futile

    We will be coming across different types of people. There will be differences in their attitudes. Some may be receptive and some are not.

    A receptive person can be called an open-minded person. He will accept suggestions from others. They listen to others and try to understand their point of view. They believe that other people also will have some knowledge. Such people believe that nothing is perfect and everything requires improvement.

    On the other hand, a rigid person who never likes to hear others can be called a close-minded person. He thinks that he knows everything and there is nothing he can learn from others. They always think that their point of view is only correct. They always try to prove that others are wrong. It is only a waste of time and energy to discuss with such people.
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    An interesting post by the author. Some people are close-minded and will not be affected by what we talk to them. It is better to refrain from the company of such people. It is said that an enemy is better than a foolish person. The interesting thing is that if we keep the company of a foolish person or be his companion then we will be inviting trouble because he would not listen to anyone and take some steps which would be disastrous for all in his vicinity. A close minded person is like a frog in the well and feels that this the universe bounded by the walls around. If someone tells him that it is a well and the world is very big outside then he would mock the person and tell that the person is envious of it and that's why telling like that. The frog would laugh and add that it was his world and that is the actually universe. The result is that person would feel humiliated and never like to see and talk with that peculiar frog.
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    Open minded people have a positive attitude and always listen to anybody. After listening they assess the situation and take right decision. So there is always progress in their life. Close minded people will have a negative attitude and they never try to understand others. So they face failures and always lead unpeaceful life. By birth itself people are like that and we can't change their attitude in a day.

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    Yes, and in that case, the discussion never moves forward and can continue in the loop only. Nobody knows everything but there are some people who think they know almost everything and can never be wrong. They create a boundary around them with this thought process and that's why cannot move out also. After the discussion, they will again come back to their point and at that time you may think that the person never listened to the discussion. It is almost like that only and when others do understand this particular nature they start avoiding the person.

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    In sales terminology, the training is given to convince a difficult customer and not the easy and available customer. Because creating customer out of rigid person is something very challenging and that is why Eureka forbes sales man are considered as the best as they knock the rigid customers and make a sale out of them with huge convincing capacity. As far as receptive persons are concerned they are open minded and tow the idea of acceptance in general. But a close minded person has lots of doubts, never believes others. probably got cheated in the past, probably has the fear of being cheated this time and if all these factor could be convinced and conveyed with proper diligence, surely close minded persons are very easy to get trapped and they would fallin in for sure. This is what happening in marketing.
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    Indeed. One with an open mind always thrives better than one who lives in a cage. It applies for every generation and gender. Being a person who doesn't entertain other's opinion and thoughts is futile. One should be open to every though, he might agree or disagree, however should always be open to consideration. Therefore a person who has no willingness to change or even let others influence his or her thoughts, it is absolutely a waste of effort and time to each express one's opinion in front of them. It is often that we notice that people with such strong prejudice and preference give absurd reasons to prove themselves in every argument they come across. The arguments are often baseless and thus has no counter argument. So, it is always better to let these people on their own world and save our time and efforts.
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