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    Coming back to ISC... ??

    Dear friends,
    I am very happy to present myself before you all after a long gap.
    However, today I am not forwarding any specific topic before you.
    Hope I can come to you with specific issues such that you can react and contribute to the thread.
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    Sir, we are eagerly waiting for your contributions. I remember some time ago you mentioned in one of your posts that you will again start contributing but somehow couldn't do so because of your busy schedule. I am glad that you are back and please do share your experiences on various issues like before which will definitely enrich us. I hope you are keeping absolutely fine and I wish you all the best.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Welcome back Sankaran. I am also placing my tortoise steps back to ISC after a short break, but getting held up by busy schedules. I still longed to linger around this site where young minds establish their thoughts. Hope to be on track in the upcoming months ahead.
    Lead the leader

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    Welcome back Sharada Ma'am and Sankaran Sir. Hoping to see you both contributing not just to the forum, but to the other sections as well. With the vision to transform ISC into a true academic portal, in the last two years, we have seen a few changes in the guidelines, especially with those concerning article submissions. So do check the pinned posts that will help you get a hang of the recent changes. Looking forward to seeing your posts.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Welcome back Sankaran Sir to India's best educational portal. Today we all got another best contributor of ISC after a long time. I hope we all will read useful and precious content from your posts.
    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Welcome back Mr Sankaran and Madam Sharada. Coming back to our choicest portal is always like a homecoming. It is true that sometimes due to our own personal engagements and busy schedules we are not able to get time to contribute in the portal of our choice but whenever some opportunity comes we again peep back and try to contribute in that.
    I remember that Mr Sankaran was a regular contributor a few years ago and he was giving his valuable and experienced comments and responses against many select threads.
    I understand that with advancing age it becomes difficult to maintain our contributions in any site in internet but even if we make occasional contributions that itself is a great achievement. I wish and hope that this new tenure for both the old members will be a pleasant experience in the coming times.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome back sir. We were really missing your valued presence since many months. ISC has been yearning for the regular members and even if they absent for few days we feel the void and the vacuum cannot be replaced. Coming to your re entry, you can see our forum is vibrating with new threads, new members making their active presence and have a look at the tow topic for this month and also have time to respond to various threads that is waiting for your reply. By the way we hope you are keeping good health and happy and would see the continued patronage to this forum section. Few days back there was thread a day contest and almost all the active members participated by posting one thread a day and that made the habit for many to raise threads here and this forum is now looking more qualitative than ever before.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome back, Sankaran sir. It is great that you have decided to be active here again. I am sure that all of us would be benefited with your experience in different fields. Sir, I suggest you refresh your memory by going through our guidelines for different sections so that you can post contents confidently. All the best for your second innings at ISC!
    'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'.

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    Welcome back Sir, It seems nice to rejoin the old members of ISC, it actually shows the attraction towards ISC which we all members possess. Sometimes I too feel that my contribution is going less on ISC due to some other responsibility but I can not stop myself for a long time to start contributing again. I wish all members always give our contribution with the same enthusiasm and get many new threads from new and old members of ISC. Wish you all the best Sankaran Sir, for your journey with ISC, and waiting for your contributions.

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    Sankaran Sir delighted to see you back in our midst and a warm welcome home to you and to Sharada as well. Looking forward to your valuable contributions. Happy to know that ISC continues to have that shining gleam that pulls back alumni time and again.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Welcome you again to this platform. People like you will definitely add value to the sit. Your postings will enrich many of us with knowledge in that particular subject and will be useful in our lives. I think earlier in the month of December 2021 you hinted your coming back through a thread and many of us looking forward to your active participation. Definitely, the site will become more and more popular if there are contributions from people like you.
    always confident

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    Dear friends, I am very happy to share my views through these columns. My absence was not really planned . It so happened. To a certain extend the negative climate in the society, I mean the presence of Corona, limited the contacts with friends and relatives. In my place, here at Edappally (Kochi) the life used to be active , especially because of a Park, called Changampuzha park. Almost every day there will be a programme in the park. It may be art, literature, talks on various topics, elders meetings, programmes by children, ladies etc. Kadhakali, drama, music concerts, dance programmes, exhibitions, etc. Elderly people gather there every day and sit in groups chit - chatting. Like this we get different topics for discussion. naturally, to be elaborated and jotted down. This park has been identified as one place in the world where almost everyday some programme is taking place.
    Corona forced the closing of the gates for more than one and a half years. Even now it is not fully active.
    Another place where people like me go and spend the evening is our Library, one of the best libraries here. There we had to close the door and stop issuing the books. for about a year or more. Social gatherings like marriages. birthdays, etc. also were curtailed.
    I happen to be an active worker of an organization, " Kerala Sasthra Sahthya Parishath" which organise meetings, discussions, study classes, art forms etc. we had to stop these as well, since people could not move out.
    In fact all these affected my mental setup. Now the meetings are organized at least on line.
    These forced me to withdraw from all fronts, even interest for reading and writing took back seats.
    Now I hope I can overcome my mental inertia slowly. ISC may may help me !!


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    Sankaran sir, please note that ISC could move on despite the pandemic and I do believe that many of our active members could overcome the possible 'distancing' due to their activities here. I suggest you start posting in this site and remain connected. I am sure you would be able to overcome your mental inertia.
    'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'.

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    Sankaran Sir, very nice to see you after a long gap and the reason for your absence has been explained so that we should not have any doubt regarding your disappearance. We have had definitely a very tough time and even some pockets in our country is still vulnerable but slowly we are regaining back the pain we suffered.
    Hope you would contribute to this platform as usual providing us your informative experience through this portal. I wish you all the best for undertaking a fresh journey in this site.

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    Mr.Sankaran, You are one of the old members of this site and all the members are very happy to see you again in action on our site. Hope you will contribute and share your valuable content to enlighten the followers of ISC. This engagement is a great time pass as well as it will fill joy and mental peace for you. Once again a great welcome to this platform.

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    Thank you, dear friends. I am sure that I can try to contribute something worth discussing, within a couple of days.
    Of course, I am to ponder a little about possible choices. Anyway, I am happy that all of you will support me in this regard.


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    Dear Sankaran sir,

    Welcome back to ISC. There is a lot of gap to fill in ISC. Veterans like you would be able to help ISC a lot. You had joined in 2009, it is about 12 years of association which is not a short period.

    Looking forward to seeing your active participation here.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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