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    Youngsters should not shy away from short time or temporary jobs

    Many business houses, organisations, offices, and private enterprises from time to time hire young people for a short time or on temporary basis or on daily remuneration basis for getting some massive monotonous work to get completed in a short time. For this these organisations generally give an advertisement in the local paper but mostly this information propagates from person to person basis in that locale. Many youngsters are not inclined to go for these jobs as they are of very temporary nature and they also feel that there was no use of doing a job for such a short time.
    But the fact is that even if we do a job for a short time we get a valuable experience out of it and we also assess our performance and capability of doing that particular task. From that perspective it is advised that youngester should not shy away from any such short term job available to them easily especially in the nearby areas where they live. What are your views on this?
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    Youngsters should not shy away from the any assignment which they are at getting. Here remuneration is not the important factor but it is a way of diverting of mind for at least for doing any constructive activities. Sitting ideally would them dull. Sometimes, youngsters would think otherwise with respect to the petty job. This is really a troublesome situation for them when they have passed out Engineering with distinction and are getting opportunities for teaching in a High School as a Physics teacher. If they get such chances, they should definitely go ahead and see how their negativity goes with their acceptance of such an assignment. Initially, they might not come out from their way of negative thinking but later with the interaction of their colleagues and students would make their assignments more interesting. Youngsters should always be positive and show their talents whatever they are doing and winning appreciation for their commendable jobs would multiply their pleasures.

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    Nice advice from the seasoned author as I also believe that good jobs cannot be grabbed at the first instance and gaining importance through whatever job got is very necessary and that would pave way for being in the race for next good job. When the campus interview does not materialize the youth should not get disheartened and try to grab even small offers in a private company. Because those who are offering the job are taking great risk of investing on salary without experience and we must be always indebted to such companies which repose faith on the freshers and train them for the eventual jobs in the same company. That is the reason being so the first company is always a stepping stone for the future career as one would channelize themselves for the greater roles in same company or other company.
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    A piece of nice advice is given by the author, why do anyone shy to join a job especially in the present era where we can find a number of the big population looking for job and being stressed to getting a job for their income. If a job is suitable for your work status or your profile you should never leave it just because of one reason which is the short duration of the job. The experience we gain from even a small organization or even for a short time will not matter if you learn more in less time. I too prefer to join these jobs where many be I will be for a short time but surely learn more.

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    That is correct. Doing something is better than waiting for something to come. These days we see a lot of competition everywhere and getting jobs is very difficult and we are seeing how the unemployment is progressing in society. Many people are just waiting for a job. In such adverse conditions, one should not hesitate to take up any job that is coming on his way. That job may be a daily wage job or a temporary job. Once you start working you will get some experience in the line you are working in. This will help you to get a better job and you will become financially a little better also.
    I know a person in Hyderabad. He has no permanent job. But he earns around Rs.30000/- to Rs.40.000/- a month. Early morning he distributes milk packets and water cans and newspapers. Then he will go for daily wages of driving a car and he had a small retail outlet. If he is free he will manage the outlet or his wife will manage the same In this process monthly he is able to earn a minimum of Rs.30000/- minimum. That is how one should work so that he can manage his family easily.

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    Absolutely. I agree with the author. Youngesters should not shy away from any type of opportunities that might come their way. Small and temporary jobs often helps us learn so much more than a permanant job can. It is becoming harder to have a secure job and it might not be easy for newly graduate to get good jobs however small scale jobs that are often temporary are a great options for them. It not only allows them to earn as well as help them gain experience essentially for a permanent job. It is also seen that nowadays candidate with most experience are always preferred over less one therefore it is important to keep moving on and taking up jobs, be it small scale to one day achieve one's dream job
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