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    Understanding contemplation in easy terms

    Contemplation is a natural thought process in our lives. When we contemplate about any matter or anything related to our lives then it is just a passive thinking about some matter and it is not necessary that we will put those contemplations in actions the next day. So our contemplations are not exactly related to what we are going to actually do in our lives.
    At the same time there are instances where our contemplations might help us in getting a broad direction and guideline for starting a particular activity or project. Such contemplations can be termed as constructive and positive contemplations.
    When we have to really take a project or carry out a task then we have to come out from the contemplation phase to the actual practical situation and then only the thought process starts for considering the pros and cons of that project, the profitability expected, and many other aspects like that before taking up that particular job. At this stage we have to take in account all the factors including the financial analysis and understanding the economic outcomes of a particular task.
    So contemplation is just a thought process involving thinking about all sort of things without any commercial or economic attachment.
    This is my entry for the month end topic based TOW contest on the topic contemplation.
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    Good and thoughtful content from the author connecting to tow topic. While we contemplate to do many things and new things, but the way the actions wind up would lead to different level of working and even in that we can find new avenues and new opportunities for the future. When we move through the positive approach and goals, surely we may stumble upon the branch activities for the same to which no one would have given their thought so far. One thing is sure, when we attempt a project, that should have plan b and even plan c to explore new possibilities, given provision for risk elements and there must be ample time for getting the results and the gestation period should be long enough to make new innovations and incorporating great ideas to the same matter and thus new avenues are explored.
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    When we think of starting a project we have to contemplate the pros and cons. We have to think of various ways and means we can adopt to complete the work and we will select the best path for us. We will think about many things and issues. We will not implement all these thoughts. We may implement certain thoughts and some we may not. The individual's efficiency will come into the picture in selecting the best from various thoughts he has.
    Contemplation of problems and pre deciding the process of fixing those problems is the best way for making a progress in the work on hand. Proactive people will do this.

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    While undertaking any job, various options are coming within our mind. It is not necessarily that we would implement all such contemplations but at the same time, we might choose some , which we think fit for that job. We would think of the ways how best the same can be executed taking les time frame. This would need the deputation of the experienced hands to get the job executed and if intended for completion of a project, we would seek a venue having comfortable visibility and at the same time the entire participants are at comfortable position while attending such an assignment. Hence we would scrutiny the resources required to get it done.
    We should always think of the ongoing process with a serious contemplation and even write down the ways curtailing our time during the process of execution.

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