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    A budget that is an epitome of fundamental economic miscalculations

    A budget that never addresses the need for better healthcare, education and provision of basic amenities or has no concrete proposals for reducing unemployment, is always something that is fundamentally flawed in principle.

    The great FM and her team of economic advisors have announced a big bang budget that has something for the rich, upwardly mobile professionals and af course, for the capitalists. Nothing for the poor, the marginalized. Nothing for senior citizens. The digital revolution is fine, provided the masses have access to it in their own local languages and not just Hindi. In fact, this reality has never been even thought about.

    Social security related spending is down. Of course, in less than 90 days, we will notice that Ambani and Adani would have become much richer, when the financial year results are announced for the Corporates.

    A totally misdirected budget that makes the rich, much richer. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Without going into the details of budget, the author as unusual seen the budget from the eyes of Ambani and Adani but in particular, the five lakh crore outlay for hospitality sector is going to create new jobs and the economy is going to grow fast. The huge target of reaching 80 lakh affordable houses for the people in 2023 is the filip for housing urban development. Various new skill development measures thus initiated would give more room for employment. The author has been expecting individual attention in budget and that is not possible because the actions envisaged in the budget would have long time cascading effect on all the persons and individuals and therefore there cannot be feel of insecurity and cannot criticize the budget being pro rich and targeted to someone. Just wait and see the results of the budget.
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    My opinion about the budget is something different. The budget focussed on digitalisation and technology. The other sectors on which the budget is focussed are infrastructure, health, education and provision of e-services to the masses.
    Aganwadi centres are going to be upgraded to child health centres. This will be more useful to poor rural children.
    There are many new proposals for the farming sector that will enable them to progress well. Costly equipment that is required for farmers will be made available on a rent basis. Chemical-free organic forming will be given incentives. A housing scheme to provide affordable houses to the poor is another program that will help the poor and the target is good if they really achieve it.
    Anyhow, how we see the budget will make the difference. Definitely, there may be some negative points also. But completely writing it off saying that the budget is the worst budget shows the biased look of the author.

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    There are not many changes in the budget this time and most of the existing allocations will continue this year also. As the Bank FD rates have been reduced much so the seniors were expecting some special discounts for them in addition to the earlier Rs 50000 discount existing under section 80TTB. So nothing of that sort happened. But I think we should keep patience because at least we are getting some interest for our livelihood while millions of people are not getting a job.
    No budget can satisfy everyone in the society. It is also not possible to eradicate poverty from this country just by making a budget. That would be a thing too ridiculous to think of.
    Let us hope that through so many schemes announced jobs will be generated for the poor and downtrodden people living especially in remote and far off places.

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    The budget is a document that seeks to compromise the various interests of the country. The budget does not always satisfy everyone. The problem with this year's budget is that it is not only the interests of different interest groups that need to be protected, this time the whole country is facing a huge problem. And that is the crisis of Corona. The finance minister has given a lot of opportunities for big businessmen. But for those who have just become poor, who have moved to the countryside and become middle class, there is not enough incentive in this budget. There are many good mega projects in the current budget. From that will be the employment generation. Our country needs reforms in all sectors including education, health, public administration. What we've done in terms of reform here has been to put more emphasis on digitization. But it is not possible to set up such a strategy without proper evaluation and training of government officials. So digitization will not take us far, we need to take more measures with limited resources. We also need structural reforms as a whole. But overall, the budget is good, it would be better to give some tax relief to the lower-salaried classes. Hence not totally agree with the Author.
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