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    Both sides of the contemplation on the status of women.

    Intensive thoughts are going on by various thinkers or social reformers regarding the condition of women and there is a lot of discussion on this subject. We have also found a lot of improvement in this direction in society. But when that wave of thought brings problems even in a peaceful and happy life, will it be considered right?

    Many advertisements or movements also take place from time to time to encourage women towards education or self-reliance. Many campaigns are brought by organizations to increase awareness in this direction. Of course, a woman should also take steps for her career and identity, but what if a woman herself is happily living a life only as a housewife or housemaker. We can still find many young generation girls who are also educated but still, they are not interested in subjects like career or job and they feel happy as someone's wife, daughter-in-law, or mother. Many times such women are encouraged by some social reformers that they should think about making their identity, which can also have negative consequences.

    Many times the situation has also been seen where a woman who was happy in her life but due to provocation by such others, she also comes in the form of protest. According to me, a woman or a man should be allowed to decide on the basis of his own opinion what he wants.

    Our final aim is to live a happy life so do not disturb others if they are happy. It should not happen that more Contemplation of someone else is increasing the conflicts in the life of others? A Contemplation is also necessary about this.

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    Good thread from the author connecting to tow topic and the unique write up may even get the prize. Many modern girls are not opening up themselves even though they are qualified , having great attitude but lack courage to face new challenges and wants to confine themselves to be house wife, good mother and good daughter in law for obvious reasons after the marriage. But there are go getter among the women who are challenged before them and that provocation is enough to give a try for new possible make overs in the life and that would result in total support from social media and within few days she becomes most sought after and famous in the circle. By the way contemplating to live good and happy is in the hands of any individual and there cannot be forced inducements or change their attitude for nothing.
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    Let me do what will make me happy. Why should somebody dictate what I should do? I am happy sitting in the house and working on a computer. Somebody may be happy to make new food dishes for eating. Like this, everyone will have their own interests. If a woman is happy by being a wife and a mother and feels happy as a house maker, why should somebody force her to go for a job or something else? We should not stop a lady who wants to earn by getting employed. At the same time, we should not force somebody to go and earn when they feel happy with managing their house. In fact, managing a house is the toughest job and you can understand the difficulty when you see a housewife in her kitchen in the morning times.
    Empowering women is good but forcing them in any direction is not correct. We should give her a free hand to her to decide what she wants to do. A good thread from the author.

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    Give importance to your own will or the will of the family or the outside society! Many suffer from emotional turmoil but girls suffer more than boys because in a patriarchal society they are still dependent on others, it is a hard reality.
    Parents are brought into the world to fulfill their dreams and that is why they will respect your wishes, which you can expect but in many cases, it does not happen. Again, if one is engaged in any kind of profession against one's will, then in many cases he or she cannot sincerely benefit the people from that profession. Many people fail to fulfill their dreams and later suffer from depression. It happens more in the case of girls in our society. In this case, a fear or panic relationship is created with the family members. It can be difficult to show them the courage to express one's feelings without hesitation. So a healthy democratic environment within the family plays a very helpful role in the social and emotional development of the children.
    So in this case, the necessary social environment will be helpful to establish their own thoughts. Therefore contemplating to live good and happy will be in the hands of everybody. So Contemplation with necessary changes is necessary.

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    This is an interesting thread. Many people give their opinion about the status and position of women in the society and suggest ways to improve it and bring it at par with the men. They talk of gender equality also. Unfortunately that remains limited to the contemplative state and when it comes to practically contributing for that in the real life they start retreating back and change their statements with cryptic envelopes. Even in their house some of them do not allow women to come up in many respect. So it is duality of their nature and whether a woman really requires a change in her status these people will talk about it endlessly.
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