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    On line videos or notes in books, which one is easy and good ?

    When it comes to higher education, the referral videos are many, the online lectures are more, and above all the notes are also important which comes in the book form. While online videos are based on the personal trait and attitude of the authors on how they present the subject, sometimes we may miss the intricacies of small branch points and for which there is a need to refer to textbooks. And online teaching also goes in fast mode and cannot be stopped for interaction to clear the doubts. In that case referring the textbooks is the only option. Any comment ?
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    Reading, hearing and seeing are the primary ways to understand and learn. A teacher teaches and the student will hear. Then the student will read in the book and try to understand the subject by recollecting the teachings of his teacher. In case of any doubt, the student may go and ask the teacher or discuss with his/her friends and seniors. This is how the learning process goes. As there is an improvement in technology videos started playing an important role in education. These videos will make a better impact on the student. What you will see will make a bring impression on you more than what you hear. That way videos will be definitely much more effective. But important point is how the video or notebook presented the subject. Definitely, a human interface to explain the subject to the student is very important and here comes the role of the teacher in a classroom. Nothing can replace the same.
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    Though it is a matter of choice which depends on person to person, If we talk about the online world, then perhaps videos can come on more priority because videos are more suitable for understanding any concept but at the same time content is also necessary to get the necessary notes. Reading electronic books or notes online does not seem convenient, if it is about reading, then perhaps a paper book should be preferred.

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    Many people or students are able to manage with the online education and have sufficient reference and study material there. Sometimes if some confusion is created in online and different versions and solutions are seen in different places then probably some standard text book might be required for resolution of that point or one has to approach a reputed teacher or tutor. In the beginning there were some teething troubles in the online but now the things are more and less streamlined. So the need of the text books would be there only occasionally.
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    I feel both have advantages and disadvantages. There are some good videos which are very well presented and easy to understand. But as these videos are recorded, the students can not ask questions and get answers instantly. On the other hand, when students read the lessons from their texts, they can ask questions and the teacher clarifies the doubts to them. Another important point to be noted is that books needs space to store. For example,if one does not get enough information from a book he or she has referred to, another book is required to be purchased. This way several books are bought while referring to various topics. The tombs of books need storage space and need good maintenance . On the flip side, videos do not need any storage as they can be easily accessed and only bits of notes are needed to learn from them.

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    Nowadays many students prefer a mix and match approach. It all depends on the contents and the interest of the students. A well-prepared video helps to understand anything in a good way as one sees and hears the topic simultaneously. If the online video is not a live session then a student can pause and replay it according to the suitability to make notes. One important thing is the structured way of learning. Since the online mode of education has just started structured course materials of all subjects may not be available and in that case, studying the book is a better option. In books, you may underline the important points which are not possible in the case of videos. The important part is to prepare your personal notes irrespective of the mode of teaching you follow.

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    No doubt, Online education is easy to access from anywhere and anytime. But online education system has some disadvantages than offline education,
    For example, students and teachers can not interact face-to-face like offline class, Lack of trust between students and teachers

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    I am talking about the preference of videos over the books or vice versa ?
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