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    TRS going to involve Prashant Kishor for 2023 poll strategy

    For the past one week the politics in Telangana seems to be hectic while BJP pitched for its increasing battle to oust the KCR government in 2023 elections, KCR on the other hand wants to fan out nationwide and garner support to unseat Modi govt at the center. In this backdrop the TRS is engaging the services of Prashant Kishor to combat the poll strategy with mighty BJP and that should be interesting to watch because even Mamta Banerjee availed his expertise and won the elections and will the KCR repeat his performance as he often says he can neatly win between 95 to 105 seats for sure.
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    TRS won the state elections two times so far after the division of the united Andhra Pradesh into two states. They never approached any outside agency for making strategy and KCR did everything. But now why they are thinking of a third party to help them? Is there any element of doubt in them? KCR always says that he can win many more seats this time. This is a point that needs to be observed.
    TRS is believed to be the party that made the state form and all the voters in the state supported that party. But this time there is a change in the thinking process of the voter. The true colours of KCR are being understood by many people. Within the family, many are not interested in KTR becoming the CM. BJP is trying to accommodate the people who are not happy with their leader in TRS. BJP is becoming strong. As such probably the party thought an expert is needed to make the planning. Let us how TRS and Prasanth Kishor combination is going to work in this state.

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    Prashant Kishor is a well known name in the political advising and counselling. How he does it might be a trade secret but if people feel that he is capable of doing it then definitely they would approach him. It is like the students approaching Byjus or Vedantu or agencies likewise for the learning of the respective subjects. In BJP party it is said that Amit Shah is a great game changer and election manager and party has full confidence on him. So there are such experts in our country who can be relied upon by the politicians to bring victory and laurels to the party for which they are working. TRS would definitely be benefited by that.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I am not pretty sure that everyone who engaged him for their political advice won the elections because of his 'success mantra'. He might have worked for Modi, Aravind Kejriwal, Jagan Reddy, Nitish, Mamata and Stalin but they were slated to win because of the prevailing political conditions that favored them at that moment. Undoubtedly his strategies might have worked to add the numbers further. But the scenario in Telangana is different right now where BJP is surging ahead over TRS and Congress. Their performance in various byelections and Muncipolls has increased marginally and this might be the most worrying factor for the ruling party in Telangana.

    As someone has said, one standing by the side of a winner would appear to be a good advisor. But the same person should take the responsibility to help Congress in UP, and BJP in Uttarakhand. Then we can say a very good strategist.


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