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    Sanskrit is the oldest Indian language which should be learnt by many Indians.

    In India people speak many languages and Sanskrit is considered to be the ancient language. Many valuable slokhas and books had been written in this language. In some schools Sanskrit is taught as a first language. However, some parents give more importance to Hindi and other regional languages. Even Bhagawath Gita is scripted in Sanskrit. It has been translated into English and other languages. Also, there are many valuable books which depict our culture are wrttien in Sanskrit.
    Do you think people should give importance to Sanskrit as they do to other languages?
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    In the ancient times in our country Sanskrit was used by people but was used by mostly the scholars and learned people. It was a language of the elites and not the common masses. Many scriptures and religious books were written in Sanskrit which are still adored and studied by many. There are many scholars from countries like Germany who have done various research projects on Sanskrit language and the Sanskrit literature.
    Today Sanskrit is a respectful language like Greek and Latin and many other older languages of the world. But when we come to the practical life we require knowledge of English, knowledge of the local regional language, and in some cases knowledge of Hindi as it is widespread in India for which we should thank to the Bollywood industry.
    If the children do not learn these languages then they would not be able to compete in their careers and education. They can of course learn Sanskrit just as an additional language and increase their knowledge in it and take advantage of the ocean of knowledge that is available in that language.

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    Sanskrit is the language of India and it is an ancient language. All our epics including Vedas are in this language only. In the olden days in our country, Sanskrit was taught to children. But slowly many people stopped learning this. Slowly Indians forgot the importance of this language. British ruled the country and English learning has become a must. Other countries understood the importance of Sanskrit and started learning this language.
    Education has become important for getting a job to earn our livelihood. So people started looking at the subjects which will get them some jobs. But now there is some change in the thought process and many people are thinking about learning Sanskrit. It is really good to learn this language and read and understand the literary works that are in that language which will be helpful for the development of the country also.

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    Sanskrit is an ancient language and was used as local language in ancient times. Slowly in course of time this language is faded away and people start following other languages. But our great Vedas and ancient scriptures were in Sanskrit language only. Valuable secrets of life and information were stored in these literature. By seeing that Germany and French people are doing research on our Vedas and Sanskrit scriptures to ravel the secrets from our scriptures. More than Indians, these countries are giving more importance on this research is really eye-opener for us. We have to give importance to our ancient language inorder to keep our own culture growing and help to know the valuable knowledge left by our ancients for us.

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