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    Never hesitate to initiate the work contemplating a failure

    We will be having many tasks to do and we will be trying them after thorough understanding and planning. Sometimes we will be successful and sometimes we may not be successful. We should learn from our mistakes and move forward.

    Some people think before starting the work and plan in such a way that they will overcome all hurdles and come out successfully. Generally, they will be the winners. But some of us contemplate obstacles that may be encountered during work and with a fear of failure may stop working on that issue. This attitude is not correct and we should not go back with a fear of failure. Such people will become nonstarters.

    Arjuna wanted to withdraw from the war contemplating that he has to kill many of the relatives and friends who were on the other side. But Lord Krishna taught him Gita and helped him in changing his mindset.

    We have to contemplate the probable difficulties and plan to overcome those problems and should move forward. Stop working fearing for failure is nothing but a cowardly act.

    This is my entry for the topic-based contest for January 2022.
    Topic based TOW contest for January- topic- Contemplation
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    We can contemplate success or failure depending upon our thinning analysis about the upcoming task but the fact will be known only after completion and when results are out. So in the process of conjecturing about some future activity and taking to its logical end there are various stages. The first stage is the stage of contemplation, then comes the planning of the job not necessary what we contemplated as it could be something else also, execution of the job, mid course corrections, and then the concluding stokes. The end result would be known only after this chain of events and the process and contemplated matters might not be seen anywhere. That is the interesting thing about contemplation.
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    As long as one doesn't start the question of success or failure will not be there so, the important thing is to make a move. It is true that many people cannot realize their dreams because they think too much about failure from the beginning and ultimately become fearful to start the task. While doing any task problems can arise which cannot be completely avoided and finding a way to overcome the problem is the key. There is no point to hesitate to start the work because unless you are carrying out the action you will never know what is going to happen. Planning is very important and then comes the proper execution of the plan but only planning and no action because of the fear of failure is a waste of time that must be avoided.

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    It is advisable to think over the issues before starting for a mission. You need to plan ahead for the problems that you might face during your journwy towards accomplishment of your goals. Still, the journey might not be as simple as you must have planned. But fearing failure and stopping the work is not a solution. Rather it gives rise to yet another problem. Also the confidence gets down.

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    What I feel that when ever a work has been initiated we must be ready for either success or failure and even hazardous effect to which provisions must have been done. Some decisions what we take may not be under the purview of our control and yet management would make us accountable for the loss. So it is imperative for us to make plans on how to contain the outcome if it goes against the expectations and how the loss be counted as minimum because controlling the loss to small extent is also part of best management techniques. But before starting itself we should not visualize any adversities and that would affect our performance for sure. However keeping in view the risk factors of probable happenings contemplating a failure should be envisaged and the program should accommodate the loss.
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    While starting a job, we must have the plan to succeed it and without that it would be difficult to achieve success. Here contemplation plays a major role. Let us do our job with concrete plans and whatever steps in connection with the job comes in our mind, let be logged and we should contemplate in our leisure time it's sequence of application. Let us proceed fearlessly but before that we must the management into confidence regarding the ultimate outcome with which we would land in. If there is any apprehension from the side of the management, we must have the clear perception to convince the management regarding the achievement of the success. We must be attentive to the other side as well since this will help us sometimes to achieve the best results.

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