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    Should parents allow their teenage children to spend the night with their friends?

    Nowadays teenagers are taking permission of their parents and spending evening till the next morning with their close friends. Of course, the parents of their friends where they plan to sleep over take good care of them and make them feel comfortable and happy. The children also are happy playing games, watching television and doing things which they enjoy most.But some people do not allow their children to stay away from them during the night. Do you support or oppose this trend?
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    If both the families are known to each other and the friends who are staying together are more in number with a similar background, we need not anticipate any problem and we can allow them for that. But it should be a once in a while issue but should not be a regular practice. The parents should confirm with the parents of the other friends also to know about the program. This is not to doubt tour children but to work to ensuring the safety of our children.
    Teenage is an age where the children will think that they know everything and what they know is only correct. In addition to that the family background and the way in which these children were brought up also will have a big say on their behaviour. Parents are the best judges of their children. So parents should encourage their children to do well in their education at the same time they should be taught the importance of ethics and values in life. Once they understand these issued the children will always be in their limits only.

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    We have to change with the time. We were all grown in a scenario where a boy and a girl are not allowed to talk ; if both were comfortable to each other and closely moving, different stories used to be revolve around. Gone are those days. Today's children are quite matured, they know their limitations and the usage web chats and internet are not being misused as many people think. They have become smart enough to clear their Assignments and we should not bring everyone into the same alignment. There may be mischief mongers too but in a negligible ratio.

    Now everyone has become responsible and I don't think we should prevent them to have a get together as we can assess the people with whom our children are making friendship. The nuclear family structure too has prompted to such type of gatherings as we are all running out of time to spend with our children and our relatives too.


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    Generally children are doing it with the families which are well acquainted with their parents. It is generally a closed circle where families are very close and have long time relationships either living in the same area or working in the same company. As far as that is the case there is no problem in this sleepover activity that children really like as that is the great fun time for them. They will be crying loudly, playing games, chit chatting etc and it is also a fact that everyone enjoys with their age group persons only. If there is such an offer from some new people or some unknown parents then it becomes difficult to allow the teenage children for that due to the obvious reasons. We might have become modern in our thinking but there are some bad elements hidden in the society and without checking the credentials of some parents it would not be advisable to allow the children to go to that particular house just like that. However the view of parents might differ in this matter but we have to operate under the safety and protective environment in the society where we dwell.
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    It is a big decision for any parent when they allow their children to stay at someone else's house, and of course, they will take such a decision only when they are fully acquainted with the person in front of their family. . It is a matter of fact that in this situation, parents are a little worried because children are more stubborn and can be rebellious too, so it is not always appropriate to refuse them, here is such a situation parents also do not think in advance. Rather, a decision should be taken on the basis of what is right and wrong at that moment.

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