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    Just a minute...

    Just a minute... these three words make an impact on you to take a call and decide something on your own or in consultation with someone. In many occasions we might have said it or might have heard from the other end. In other words, we should think again before spelling out our view or giving a decision on a proposal or whatever it may be. The ongoing 'Shark tank" show in Sony TV where the new entrepreneurs are promoted by the Sharks (who happen to be the CEOs of various companies) with their investment in their Startups. before accepting or declining the offer, they suggest them "Ek minute bahar jao and think and spell out your final decision". In some cases, the new Entrepreneurs would say 'Just a minute and let me think for a while'.

    It might sound as a simple sentence, but those three words have the power to decide the future. A minute can make or break an idea, a deal, a business or a dream, of not just one person but a whole lot many. It is "just a minute", but the person goes through a surge of emotions and labyrinth of thoughts, evaluating the impact the decision would have on long term goals.

    What do you say?

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    I also feel that these three words are quite important as one has to give the final presentation or comments on a matter after a while of that utterance. I had attended some meeting during my service career and in some of the meetings where some high-level officers were present I had often heard this string of words and the person using them was appearing too alert and too expressive in his behaviour. One of the senior officers was asked to explain something and he politely said - 'One minute Sir' and fumbled with a few notes and papers with him and within half a minute he started explaining the things in a very impressive and fact of the matter way and the top bosses were really impressed. So that half a minute was so crucial to him and he could gather what were the points he had to go through if such a question was asked. Since then this phrase as well as 'Just a minute' are engraved my mind and today I am able to recollect those memories through this post.
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    Yes, a minute can create an impact in some situations and when one utters the three words it indicates she/he will spell out something important. Important decisions can be taken within the short span of a minute as described with an example of a show by the author and the three words are also used at times when a person tries to recollect an event for reference. The three words signify a conclusive action and people using the words hardly fail to come up with the appropriate answer according to the situation. The words mean that things are ready and only a final touch is required.

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    People tend to take hasty decisions sometimes and regret having done that later. "Just a minute" theory works out well in many situations.Sometimes we tend to promise something to someone at the heck of the moment without thinking whether we can keep up the promise or not. If we would have thought for a minute prior to that it would have been good. Sometimes, we go for shopping and find an expensive dress very much attractive and buy it without thinking about the cost. We come home and regret having bought it. If we had thought for a minute before buying it we would have saved a little more money for our kitty.

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    I agree with the author of the thread "Just a minute... ". These three words are like normal words but the meaning of these words are totally different from others. These words represent hope for something good decisions, hopes and demands.
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    What I feel that when something has been asked for so suddenly to which we have not prepared to accept the decision or consequence, we need to adjust our mind and heart to accept the new proposal and that one minute is enough to reconcile ourselves to accept the new order of life that is knocking. This post took me to the year 2000 when my father was affected by the Gangrene on the right leg and we admitted him. Suddenly after two days the head doctor called me to decide within minute as to take decision on amputation and there is no time left as the poison inside spreading. We are the big family and I know the situation and just decided on the spot to go for amputation and made him to survive for another seven years. Of course he was moving with one leg through the ground and that never made him unhappy.
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    We hear these three words many times. I heard people telling me I was late by just a minute. But as mentioned by the author many things may happen in that one minute. The train you have to catch may leave the station within that one minute and you may not have the chance to get into that missed train in your lifetime.

    Some people say I was late by just a minute to the meeting. If 60 members are waiting for that one minute for him, all put together lost one hour.

    Some people say I will get ready within just a minute. But when we actually see that will never be one minute. But it will be multiples of one minute only.

    Sometimes this one minute makes a big difference and it may decide the future of some people also. During my education days, for admissions to the university, some students were being called by keeping their names on a waiting list. They used to give a date and time to the students and all of them should be present there at that time. Based on the vacant seats, they used to call the name of the candidate and the candidate has to present before them. By any chance, the candidate was late by a minute or so he will lose the chance and the name of the next candidate will be called.

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    The author has brought in only one angle to the usage of these three words. I say that these three words are the most misused ones. There are so many occasions when we use these three words without realizing the importance and implications. To cite an example, when you go to pick up your friend as already planned and he is not ready, he would say 'just a minute'. The irony is that the minute or second that one refers to while saying it does not relate to the actual time. In fact, it may take minutes altogether. I have understood the context in which Jagdish had brought up this thread but I am just trying to look at it from the other side.
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