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    Without contemplation initiate work leads to failure

    Many people in our society are as they start work by seeing others. Such people never contemplate before starting any job. They never consider merit and demerit of job. Such people get unsuccess after starting it.So, It is important for us to contemplate before starting any job. Many of us see bright part of job and start work. They never see struggle behind job. They never think that either they are suitable for job or not. As a result, they get failure after spending time and money.

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    Contemplation is generally considered as the passive thinking about the various activities in our lives whether we would be taking up them in future is the big question. For taking up a task or project what is required is proper homework and planning. Only after that it makes sense to start the actions and only then there are chances of success in our endeavours. Some people keep on contemplating day and night about so many things in their lives but their concrete actions are seen nowhere in sight and obviously the results would also be missing out miserably. So what is required is come out of the contemplative stage and start acting seriously.
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    Before starting any work we have to understand the issue properly and contemplate various ways and means of doing it and make a final program to carry out the work. This is what we do generally. Without understanding the work we have to do and without planning to start work may not go in the correct way. In fact, planning is the first stage of work. If we start planning means we have started the work.
    Sometimes people will think about the task before starting to decide about accepting or rejecting the same. But when we feel we may get obstructions in between we should think of solving them but we should not run away from the task if we have all the knowledge and ability to do the work. No work will go the manner we want. We have to amend the plan and if necessary go in a different direction and ultimately we should get the desired output. For this, as mentioned by the author an initial contemplation is required.

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    Probably the award winning entry from the author and it is right that those who without contemplate initiate work would lead to failure because their cause of start, the way they taken off and the way they finished does not augur good effort and does they lost in the melee. First of all one should think before initiate, whether the work is suitable for them to start, or whether within the striking rang of their progress and achievement. Without probing these basics, it really astonishing that some would start any job out of competition or frustration of others being doing the same and without following the pros and cons they tend to end up as failure. For example out of jealous of a friend one might have purchased a vehicle but proper learning must be done before going on the roads, otherwise the accident is sure.
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