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    Are we not prisoners of our own conscience?

    As Indians, we are all prisoners of our own conscience. Even when we see some atrocity going on around us, since we have a particular political disposition in our minds, we sort of tend to justify whatever the powers do, knowing jolly well that we are acting very much against our own conscience.

    When we also become a bit corrupt in some Government department, we sort of try to justify our own unethical behavior by rationalizing such behavior by blaming the "System", even when we are very much aware that we are part and parcel of that very same "system" and it's ramifications.

    And then this sort of acting against our own conscience takes various forms
    We jump a traffic signal when we are in hurry. We tend to look the other way at some irrational behaviour of our grown up children, since "we are too busy".

    The list goes on and on. It is always endless. Or so it seems. The fact is that it is not. We need social action to fight all corruption, all injustice. And we need patience to do it.

    We really do not need to be prisoners of our own conscience.
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    Well, no one wants to be the prisoners of their own conscience, but the problems what we are facing that singularly we alone cannot make a change for a system that has been happening since years, and though we noticed the flaws and much agitated within, at the most we may vent our ire in the social media and keep quiet. But where is the fire to ignite our idea of protest to next level. Probably we are not having the strength and will power to move about and thus sulk with what ever is happening and the injustice is being meted out in front of us and we are the lone witness to the happenings. For any protest there need to be reason, commitment and perseverance to make the authorities understand that they are doing wrong and need to be corrected. And for that one mentor leader is must to guide and take the issue to next level.
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    In our country, people themselves are responsible for the present-day situation. I want to have some advantages out of the way. For that, I am ready to give some money to the person who has to do that work. This is the starting of corrupt practices. Once the people in power understood the weakness of the people and are trying to make merry out of that. So, first of all, we all should know that we have to correct ourselves first before going for correcting the system or the other person.
    If all the people are united and never want any undue favours for their own benefit, we can fight out the system. The Indian public is such that they never know the value of money and accept money from the candidates for acting vote. Again corruption starts from there. So who will bell the cat? Nobody wants the system to work straight.

    always confident

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    Are we? Or is that we lack consciousness? Because, as far as I know, being conscious means the capability to judge between right and wrong or being receptive to one's surroundings. Doing or supporting a wrong thing, well knowing that it is wrong, is actually acting against our conscientiousness. Then how can we say that we are prisoners of our conscience? If we were prisoners actually, we would not be doing anything that is against our conscientiousness. So, I think, we are not prisoners, it is our conscientiousness that we have caged and choose to free it or cage it as per our perceptions and requirements.
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