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    Never ever chase any Godman now...

    Never ever go after a Godman or a Godwoman today. There are too many of them, pretending to offer cures for all ailments and some sort of relief from mental agonies.

    On the outskirts of Chennai City, some 30 days ago, a horrible lady was in the news. She had a terrible record of a broken marriage and then openly claiming her rights over a man who was already married and had children through his first wife. This lady appeared on a reality show on television and that was in the public domain. And this ladt was busy minting money out of the innocence of thousands of poor people, who donated money to get solace from this fraud.

    The days of Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Saibbaaba are over. Even the Hindu Mutts have become so commercial today. They have sort of become mouthpieces of a political dispensation today.

    We should go only to temples and give the Godmen and Godwomen a decent miss. Life is full of opportunities and we need to sieze them.
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    Good advice from the author. Today there is such a big group in the society who are robbing innocent people by becoming godmen or god women but it is important that we should be careful. It is astonishing that even today there are people who are capable of fooling the world. Perhaps other people take advantage of the state of mind of the people and when a class is in more trouble, then it seems easy to give such hoaxes and the same time is waited by such hypocrites whose purpose is only to fulfill their own interest, we should understand the intension of such people and stop believing such Godmen or God women.

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    These things were happening in past also and there had been a lot number of cases where some clever and intelligent people had exploited the gullible masses. I think all of us remember the case of Asaram Bapu who was considered a great Godman but was jailed because of a rape case. Then there was one who was nabbed up by UP police in UP and a lot of weapons and arms ammunition was found in his premises. At present there are thousands of like that roaming here and there making people fool day and night.
    Some cases had been there where the Godman came to the house and asked to offer the ornaments to the deity and get assured double quantity after the havan. During havan they created smoke with some chemical and when the people in the house fainted the Godman ran away with the jewellery.
    We have to be careful but till the gullible and simple people are there, these evil entities would survive and enjoy in this world without working.

    Knowledge is power.

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    By the way the people are getting into traps of many deceiving acts and wants to know the reason for being cheated often and this weakness has been taken for ride by the so called Godman or Godwoman. These people came into existence, only because those who affected have been encouraging their presence and thus their business was going on. One such fraud Godman was found in outskirts of Telangana and in the name of Yoga and meditation he managed to garner big land donations and ultimately he was exposed by the electronic media and after a lull of his activities, again he started and the people are again going to him. So what I mean to say that as long as people are giving a filip and helping hand to such gullible persons, they are going to thrive with connivance of police and political leaders support.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Believe in God but not in a person who says he/she himself is God/Goddess. A person who is really having some spiritual practices can't become a Godman. People who go for meditation (Tapassu) for years together and who will not have any worldly desires may have some powers but they never say they themselves are Gods.
    We have seen Kanchi Paramacharya, a great saint without any desires helped many people to come out of their difficulties. He never says he is a Godman or a God.
    But these days in every field we are finding duplicate people who know nothing but encash the innocence of the people and make money. So we should not rely on such people. These days even money donated to temples also is being used by the government for other works rather than using for the temple or for creating facilities near that place so that more people will come. That is many people are not interested to put money in hundis in the temples also,

    always confident

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    I want the author to must go through with the life of Ramakrishna Paramahansa firstly before commenting on him.

    Adding to the fruitful discussion here, I am far more conscious of the different societies too who guarantee free from misfortunes and pain if we go and adapt to them. In this high-tech world, they too are exposed from beneath and one can go through with the N numbers of uploaded videos to enjoy them being exposed.

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