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    Regarding the release of past payments

    I would request you to release the payments of the three months listed below and for which payment formalities were made as against the dates shown against each invoice -
    1) Invoice# 198438 - Payment for December '21 - Rs 1000/- Formality completed on - 15/ 01/ '22
    2) Invoice # 195914 - Payment for November'21 - Rs 1000/- Formality completed on - 10/12/ '21
    3) Invoice # 191353- Payment for September'21 - Rs 1000/- Formality completed on - 10/ 12/ '21
    Hope you would do the needful at the earliest. Thank you.
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    I feel it is better to remind any payment dues within that month so that it will become easy for the administration to look into the papers and arrange for the payment. Anyhow now you have raised the thread and the needful may be done by the concerned.
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    Sheo Shankar, as said by Dr Rao, it is always better to put up your invoice for payment in the month that the cash payment is announced itself. In case you wish the admin to hold your payment, you can set your 'minimum payout amount' for a bigger amount. Then the admin will announce your payment only once you reach that amount. You need to understand that delay in putting up claims and further delay in sending reminders, as in this case, does bring in administrative difficulties which is not solicited.
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    Thank you sir for your immediate response. I understand the administrative difficulties. Henceforth,I will take care of this aspect.

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    The needful is being done. Please wait for a response.
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    My personal experience with ISC regarding payment is that as soon as the payment announcement is made, raise the invoice and submit the same immediately and also mention having uploaded the invoice in the payment announcement thread so that the webmaster is kept informed and the needful done. Alternatively send personal message to Timmy John for effecting the payment if forgotten. What I think that payments are made once all the invoices are gathered and that would facilitate transferring of funds to respective bank accounts and this process normally happens before 10th of every month. If your invoice is proper and having all the details then getting payment was never a problem. Instead of complaining here, the author should have dashed a personal message to Timmy John for doing the needful and that is enough to get the payment.
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    I share my personal experience in payment matters. I always upload my invoice within 3 to 5 from the ISC cash payment announced by Timmy Sir. Once I have forgotten upload the invoice but within one month I got my cash payment.
    Thanks to the whole administrative team of ISC for maintaining the right schedule of payment.

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    Hello Sheo Shankar Jha

    Please check your account and confirm. All three pending payments are cleared.

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    Thank you sir, for your prompt action. All three payments have been received and the same has been confirmed through the message of the bank. Once again thank you.

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