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    Age Criteria for admission in ICSE Board Schools in Hyderabad, Telangana.

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter's DOB is 26th Mar 2017. She is about to complete 5yrs in a few weeks' time. We are trying to get her admitted to the 1st standard ICSE Board. I read one of the articles on this website with the subject "Age Criteria for ICSE and CBSE Boards Admission" and understand that my daughter is eligible to get admission in 1st standard both in ICSE and CBSE schools but when we contact the schools in Hyderabad they are saying that my daughter is underage.

    When we are trying to inform them about the latest circular from DOE that says that the child has to complete 5yrs by 31st March of that year, they are not agreeing to it. They are talking about previous rules (completing 5yrs 8 months by 1st June). Could you kindly share the govt circular from DOE which gives the latest age criteria for joining children in 1st standard for both ICSE & CBSE Board schools? It will help us to discuss with the schools here in Hyderabad, Telangana State.

    Thank you very much for your support,
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    This age criteria has been the conflict path for many parents whose children just fall short of required age and they are denied admissions citing the rules. In Telangana the academic year followed by the state govt schools pertaining to govt and private schools are surely from June to May. Where as the central schools or the schools which are following ICSE and CBSE syllabus are following the other academic year to which there is difference of months and days. Probably this coordination is not happening with the children who are seeking admission to the central streams and the rules should not be too much rigid as in your case the child is going to complete the five years that is required as per the rule by 31st March and the rules should not be cumbersome but have some leverage to help parents like in this case.
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    R Krishna Kishore,

    It seems a few State Govts. have individually issued a few new guidelines for admissions in light of the pandemic. For example, in Maharashtra, for Class 1 admission, the minimum age criterion is the completion of six years as of 31st December 2022 (the child should be born between 1st October 2015 and 31st December 2016 (TOI report of 22nd Dec. 2021).

    I came across a report of February last year, which states "The directorate of education (DoE) has issued directions to all private unaided recognized schools to grant relief in the maximum as well as the minimum age limit for classes Nursery, KG or I." This report mentions the DoE rules as follows- the upper age limit as of 31st March 2021 for admission in nursery and KG is 4 and 5 years respectively while the maximum age cap for Class 1 is 6 years. The minimum age for admission in these classes is 3, 4, and 5 years, respectively.
    [Reference source-]

    However, when I checked out the websites of two schools in Hyderabad, they mention the age criteria for Class 1 is 5 yrs and 6 months as of 30th June 2022 (the child's birth date should be between 1st Jan 2016 and 31st December 2016).

    I suggest that you make inquiries about the age criteria directly with the office of the Govt. of Telangana's Director of School Education. Specifically, ask about the DoE official guidelines. There are two emails given at their website, on the top of this page-
    Send an email to both, as well as to
    - In the subject line of the email, to catch immediate attention, put 'Grievance about school admission to Class 1.' In the text of the email, mention your child's birth date and state that schools in Hyderabad have refused admission to Class 1 and politely find out what is the age criterion. You can also give the URL of the New Indian Express press report that I have mentioned above. If the State Govt. policy is clear that your child's age does not make her eligible to get her admission to Class 1 and there is no age relaxation, then likely she would be required to get admission to Sr. KG.

    Hope this will help you out.

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    This is a problem in Telangana. I come across two cases similar to that. When the parents go and talk to the school administration they are simply referring to the Directorate of Education only. The only way appears to be contacting the concerned through emails as mentioned by the Managing Editor.
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    These things happen when there is a communication gap between the DoE and the concerned schools in the various states. Many people are finding difficulty in this situation as clear cut directives and orders have not reached the ground root level. You please take actions as advised to you above but you can also approach the Ministry of Education internet site and submit your grievance in that portal. Another thing is use social media for this requesting other people who are also finding same difficulty and request them to lodge their grievance in the Ministry of Education portal. It is a good thing that the present Govt is taking many online initiatives and if some people raise the genuine grievance in the portal it would be helpful in getting attention to this problem at high level and if they issue a revised guideline or a reminder in the matter everyone down will follow the rules. Please note that people are too much rule conscious and until they get the revised ones clearly they would stick to the old ones. The working culture in our country is such that if you show the latest rule to some office they will simply smile and say that we have not received that directive and when they receive it from the authorities then only they would adhere to it.
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