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    Why mobile courts are not set up ?

    The courts in Telangana are not functioning due to covid cases escalation and the cases are being postponed every time and the piling of cases are happening as there is no clearance as such and therefore the courts must reach the people and cannot push the dates to future. The courts should obtain mobile vans through which the cases could be heard and the decisions can be taken. While the Supreme court is coming up with new kind of functioning, why the lower courts are lagging behind and keeping on piling the cases for petty reasons.
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    Traditionally we had so many cases piled up in the courts in our country. Basic reason always cited for this was lack of judges, lack of staff, lack of basic infrastructure for courts etc.
    Some people argue that when factories can produce items in 3 shifts each of 8 hours, many offices can work into 2 shifts, and many schools can operate in morning and evening then why courts cannot work in at least 2 shifts in morning and evening plus one mobille court so that at least two times of the cases could be cleared in comparison to todays cleared cases.
    Government is well aware of these things but it must be having some constraints in appointing a large number of new judges and staff and sitting place for all of them.
    As regards the lawyers, there is no shortage of them because we have a large batallion of unemployed people who have done their LLB but there is no job for them. So if there is a will there is a way and then only the mobile courts in the area mentioned by the author would be available.

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    When RTC could operate mobile courts to punish the erring passengers of foot board, or sitting in ladies seat, why not courts designate a date and clear the cases area wise.
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    There are mobile courts in India. Hon'ble Mr Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, the then Chief Justice of India inaugurated the first Mobile Court in the country.on 4th August, 2007 at Punhana, District Mewat in Haryana. That is the start of mobile courts in India. We all know Lok Adalat also which was a fast-track court.
    The number of courts and the court staff are not in proportion to the population of India. The number of cases is more and the lawyers never wanted the case to get closed as that is their source of Income. To solve this problem more courts are to be established and courts should work in two shifts so that daily more cases can be addressed. Manpower should be increased so that cases will get finalised early.
    The question is not about the type of court. The question is all about the functioning of these courts. The courts should be strict and award high degree punishments to the culprits so that people will have a fear of punishment and will never dare to go against the law with that fear of punishment.

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    Much of the criticism against the judiciary or the judicial system can be avoided if we try to understand the basic proceedings that is involved in finalising a case. Unlike a normal office, a judicial office does not function on its own. The prosecution/ plaintiff, the defence/ defendant, witnesses, investigating agencies, factual and material evidences and whole lot of factors are involved and cannot be overlooked or done away with during the process of finalising a case. In such a scenario, mobile courts cannot be expected to bring in positive results. There are laid down procedures and the Courts are bound to follow them. For example, if a court feels that there is a missing link in the case that could vary the end result, the court has no other option but to wait for it. It is not that the court will wait for a few days and pass a judgement without assessing the missing link. That would lead to an aberration of justice.

    I agree that the issue of pending cases can be solved to some extent by increasing the number of judicial officers and the court staff but still, I don't think speedy disposal of all the cases can be materialised as long as the procedures that are laid down has to be followed.

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    The Chief Justice of India made certain proposals to the Union Government in this regard and are pending with the Government. Chief Justice of India, while inaugurating the 10-Court Complex in Hanamkonda in Telangana during December 2021. mentioned mobile courts. He said that after his video conference with Judges across the country, a proposal was sent by him to the Law Ministry for putting into service mobile courts in small towns. This will help in clearing some cases and also provide help to the lawyers practicing in villages. It will take justice to the doorsteps of the people.

    The Union Government did not respond so far. The Chief Justice of India is making many recommendations regarding good infrastructure to the courts. All his proposals are pending with the Union Government.

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